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Web pages for Mir, Belarus

This web site contains photographs, memoirs and documents relating to the people and the history of the town of Mir. Much of this material has been contributed by survivors from Mir and those of us whose ancestors were born in this small town. Mir is currently in Belarus, but previously had been governed by Lithuania, Russia and Poland.

To contribute photos, memoirs, family histories, etc. or to be added to the Mir mailing list and receive notification when new information added to the site, please contact me. See Researcher and Mir Residents pages for lists of those seeking information on families from Mir.


Shtetl of Mir

Old Photographs of Mir
• Photos of Old Mir 1
• Photos of Old Mir 2
• Photos of Old Mir 3
Beit Kneset Zh'uchovich
• Photo of Mir Zionist Socialists' group from 1905
• Mir Photos from the1920s and 1930s
• School children in Mir 1920-1926
• Group photos from Mir 1934-1938
• Folk-shul 1937

• Mir Photos from Ghetto Fighter' House Museum
Mir Photos 1946-47

People with ancestors from Mir • Names of Former Residents of Mir and links to contact information

• Alphabetical list of Last Names of People from Mir

Former Residents of Mir updated

Documents, Photographs and Stories
• Buniewicka Birth Certificate
• Galver Old Documents
• Reizin and Pecker Palestine Immigrant Documents
Simakowsky Old Document
Sale near Mir
Shankin (Cynkin) & Dworkin Families
Dancig Family
Eskolsky Family, Rabbi Mirkes
Galver Photos of Family and Friends
Genenski photos
Greenberg Photos
Halpern Family
Jacobson and Garber Family
Kamenetsky Family
Kopelowicz Photos
Lewin Family
Lifshitz family
Marcus, Markiel or Markewitz Family
Mazurewitz Family
Mirsky Family
Okin Family History
Paderski Postcard from Shanghai
Polumbaum Family
Popok Family
Postowski Family
Reisin and Pecker Family
Reznick/Rasin Photos
Simakowsky Family
Solovachik Family
Avremel Weiner
Zinkin, Toubes and Sinaisky Families

Mir Yeshiva Former Students and Teachers
Students and Teachers of the Mir Yeshiva in Mir, Belarus
Mir Yeshiva 1929 photo
Mir Yeshiva Students in the 1930s and beyond
Foreign students who studied in Mir during the interwar period
A Trip Back in Time: The Mirer Yeshiva in 1937-38
Reb Nachum Aryeh Leib Marcus' 1930s photo album
Chaim Silver's travels From Kelme to Melbourne
British Passport and letters of recommendation of Pinkhas Berliner

Businesses in Mir, Overview
Consolidated list of Mir businesses and owners 1926-1927, 1928, 1929, 1930
• Businesses outside Mir 1926-1927, 1928, 1929, 1930
• Original 1929 Businesses Directory


History of Mir
• Jewish History of Mir, Belarus
The History of the Jews of Mir (translation from Mir Yizkor Book)

Translations of Photo Captions in Mir Yizkor Book

Memoirs and Letters
• Remembrances of Mir Yeshiva by Rabbi Dr. Theodore Lewis
• Memories of Mir by Rabbi Judah Broyde
• From My Memoirs by Yehudah Dov Goldstein (Pazi)
• The Escape by Israel Shifron (Piernikove)
• Letter from Mir - 1932 by Rabbi Judah L. Gordon
• Girls send letter from Mir
From Mir to Montreal by Simcha Itzkowitz
The Life of Tzila Zakheim by Amy Cohn

Memoir by Harry Mirsky

Maps of Mir

Books relating to Mir
• Book review: History of the Mirrer Yeshivah
• Book Review: Lettres de Mir

Mir Landsmanschaft
• Mir Yizkor 5774/2014
Mir Landsmenschaft in Israel 2012
Mirers at Yad Vashem 2011
Mir Landsmenschaft in Israel 2009
Mir Yizkor 5767/2007
Mir Landsmenschaft in Israel 2003
Mir Landsmanschaft in Israel
Survivors Return to Mir
Mir Landsmen Return to Mir August 1992
Living Survivors of the Mir Ghetto
Mirrer Society in South Africa
Mir Memorial site by Zvi Reshef

Oswald Rufeisen
A Mir Commentary by Israel Shifron

The Mirer Young Men's Benevolent Educational Society
Founders 1903, Officers and Members 1953
Lists of Names on Mirer Society Cemetery Plots
Mount Zion Cemetery, Queens, NY
• Beth David Cemetery, Elmont, NY
• Mount Hebron Cemetery- block 65, Flushing, NY
• Mount Hebron Cemetery - block 67, Flushing , NY
• Mount Hebron Cemetery - block 5, Flushing, NY

Mir Congregation in New York

Mir in recent years
Mir Autumn 2012
Mir Summer 2003
Mir September 2002
Mir 2002: center of town, festival
Mir 2001: roads, cemetery, store and farm yard
• Mir 1998
• • Mir Houses
• • Mir Large Buildings
• • Mir Castle
• • Mir Memorials
Visit to Mir 1997
• • Mir Jewish Cemetery 1997
• Audio Tour of Mir 1997
Mir 1990s (cemetery project)

WWII era in Mir, Documents
1945 Soviet Report-translated
1945 Russian Report

Mir Jewish Partisans List- translated
Mir Jewish Partisans Missing or Killed
Mirers executed during war-translated
Mirers executed during war -Russian


Surnames in the 1811, 1834, and 1874 Mir Revision Lists

Ellis Island Records of People last residing in Mir
  A-F     G-L    M-R     S-V      W-Z      Notes

Yad Vashem Lists
• Overview of Yad Vashem Lists relating to Mir and files to request
• List of People born in Mir, whose names have been extracted from the Pages of Testimony at Yad Vashem
        A-F           G-L           M-Z

Mir Castle
Mir Castle Museum Complex
A Brief History of Mir Castle
Mir Castle history 2
Mir Castle photos 2009
Mir Castle Winter 2003-4
Mir Castle Restoration 2002
Images of Mir Castle on Postage

Other Sites with information about Mir or Mirers
Mir in ShtetlRoutes
Belarusian Castles

Towns near Mir
Towns near Mir
Nesvizh web site (Nesvizh is 18 miles from Mir)
Nesvizh Study Group
Lyakhovichi web site (29.7 miles SSW of Mir)

Related web sites

Yad Vashem-Story of Mir
Mir 1816 Revision List
Belarus SIG web site
JewishGen Kehilalink for Mir
Timeline of Belarus border change
Mirer Young Men's Benevolent And Educational Society - 35th Anniversary - 1940 Membership List

Mir Yizkor Book translation on the JewishGen Yizkor Books web pages
Complete Mir Yizkor Book pdf to download
Mir Yizkor Book digital copy can be viewed at New York Public Library web site
Mir in US Holocaust Memorial Museum Encyclopedia - Resistance plans and escape from the Mir ghetto
• • Testimony on the escape from the Mir ghetto by Eliezer Breslin
Mir Yeshiva in USHMH Encyclopedia - several video interviews describing Yeshiva members experiences
Mir Yeshiva students and teachers moved to Keidan before Shanghai

Jewish Heritage Research Group in Belarus - introduction and links to Belarus history


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