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School children in Mir 1920-1926

 Sarah Reisha Buniewickiey, the second youngest child of Fruma Ethel and Fivel Buniewickiey, was fourteen years old when she and her parents and a younger brother left Mir in 1926. They went to Lancaster, Ontario, Canada. She brought school pictures with her. Some of them can be seen below.

Many thanks to Bob Chazonoff, who scanned his mother's school photos and sent them to this web site.





Mendel Tabatznik is the man in the middle row, wearing the white shirt and with a child on his lap. He went to Johannesburg in the late 20's or early 30's and established a decorating company. Julius Shapiro reported that Mendel Tabatsnik and his wife Freida attended many meetings of the Mir Landmenshaft group in Johannesburg.



Sarah Reisha Buniewickiey is the first girl on the right in the first (bottom) row.
In Canada, and later in New York she was Ruth Beane. Her friends sent her a letter, after she left Mir. See translation.

Shulames Sinaisky is in the center of the third row . She's wearing a plaid dress with a bow tie. The dress appears to be sleeveless and she is wearing an undershirt or camisole with long sleeves. Her brother, Yossel Sinaisky is second from the left in the same row.

 Please contact me if you can provide information about these schools, the students or teachers. If you recognize someone and need a larger scan, please ask.
 To read more about schools in Belarus after WWI, go to a Belarus Newsletter article
Updated February 2007


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