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Mir Yizkor 5774/2014

Memorial gathering of Mir Landsmenschaft in Israel


On August 27, 2014 - 1 Elul 5774, the annual ceremony for the Jewish Community of Mir was held at the memorial monument in the Nahalat Yitzhaq Cemetery.

It was attended by about 20 people, nearly all people from Mir and their family members.

Ronen Slutsky, president of the Mir Landsmenschaft, addressed the group.

There was discussion of several items and some decisions were made:
1. It was decided to have some parts of the Mir Yizkor Book that had been written in Yiddish translated into Hebrew and English. Eliot Braun has found a translator. The pages will be photocopied in the autumn and the translation started. Yad Vashem may be contacted to discuss the project.

2. A Yortzeit ceremony to honor Oswald Rufeisen/Brother Daniel will be held at his grave on the Carmel, sometime near the anniversary of his death. (Oswald Rufeisen died in Haifa in July 1998.)



Report and photos provided by Eliot Braun

Created September 2014



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