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Foreign students who studied in Mir
during the interwar period

Chaim Freedman provided most of this information, based on interviews and correspondence with some of the men listed below, including Rabbi Nakhum Dessler, Rabbi Joshua Chinn, Rabbi Shia Lebor, Rabbi Max Segal, Rabbi Shlomo Davis, Rabbi Shmuel Bloch, Menakhem Moore, Rabbi Chaim Silver, Rabbi Blumenthal.
last name first name title*   from last locations


David Rabbi     Yeshiva Torah Vadaat, New York
Benziger       Strassburg  
Berliner** Pinchas (Phillip) Rev dec. London Melbourne
Birnbaum Shmuel Rabbi     New York
Bloch** Shmuel Rabbi     Gateshead


Emanuel Rabbi dec. Germany Australia; Jerusalem


Noah Rabbi     Yeshivat Yitskhak Elkhanan, New York.
Brodsky Shlomo     London  


Judah (Yudel) Rabbi   USA Brooklyn


Akiva     Cleveland  
Chill Avrom     Cleveland.  
Chill Yosef Shlomo Rabbi   Brooklyn  
Chinn Joshua Rabbi dec. Liverpool, England Philadelphia; Petah Tikvah
Cohen Faivel (Philip)   dec. Johannesburg London; Jerusalem
Cohen Pesakh        
Davis** Shlomo Rabbi   England Telshe Yeshiva, Cleveland
Ehrlanger       Switzerland  




      New York  
Fraiden         Bnei Brak




Yankel   dec. England perished in Holocaust in Kelm




Mottel     USA  


Mordekhai Rabbi   USA  
Kaufman Simkha     London  
Lebor Shia Rabbi dec England USA; Jerusalem


Teddy Rabbi   Dublin Rhode Island; Brooklyn
Moore** Menakhem (Monty)     England  
Newman Monty        
Pinchuk Pinchas        


Leizer     England Jerusalem


Koppel Rabbi dec. England (Founder of Carmel College)  
Segal Max Rabbi dec Dublin Jerusalem
Shechter** Shmuel Rabbi dec. USA (?) Matersdorf, Jerusalem
Shein Moshe Rabbi   USA Jerusalem


Shmuel Rabbi     Jerusalem


Chaim Dov Ber Rabbi dec. Liverpool, England Melbourne; Jerusalem
Spinner Yisroel        
Surasky*** Dovid Zelig     New Haven, CT New Haven, CT, Florida
Wachtfogel** Nossen Rabbi   Montreal Lakewood Yeshiva


Alex     Springfield, Mass. USA  
Weissman Simkha Rabbi   Brighton Beach, NY, USA  

* The application of the title Rabbi may apply to others on the list
** Evacuated to Australia, then most went on to the USA
***Information provided by his cousin

1. Pinchas Berliner is the father-in-law of Chaim Freedman
2. Rabbi Nakhum Zeev (Wolf) Dessler, from England, studied in Kelm and Telz and knew several Mir Yeshiva students. His mother, the wife of the renowned rabbi Eliyahu Eliezer Dessler, and his sister joined the group that traveled to Australia. He was later associated with the Lakewood Yeshiva, Cleveland, Ohio.
3. Rabbi Chaim Gutnik, from England, studied in Telz but joined the group that traveled to Australia. He lived in Melbourne.
4. Leizer Rabbinowitz is brother of Chief-Rabbi Louis Rabbinowitz of South Africa
5. Rabbi Sheinberg is the brother of Hagaon Rabbi Khaim Pinkhas Sheinberg
6. Faivel Cohen, born 1913, Mir 1932-35. A dentist in London. Lived in Jerusalem 1975-2005.

Chaim Freedman reported: According to Rabbi Max Segal there were 40 students from the USA and Canada, 10 from England and Ireland, 15 from Germany, 3 from South Africa, a few from Scandinavia and about 300 locals. Other names probably appear in Rukhama Shein's book "All For the Boss" and "Yiddishkeit" (Jerusalem 1986) published the late Rabbi Shmuel Gorr's article about the escape of the Australian group "From Kelme To Melbourne", based on an interview with Rabbi Silver.

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