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Rifka Genenski's Album from Mir

Leah Garber met former Mir resident Rebeka/Rifka Genenski, age 101, when Leah was visiting a friend in a nursing home in Israel a few years ago. Rifka (and perhaps her family) left Mir around 1926. She kept a photo album with pictures of family, friends and local residents. Rifka's daughter showed Leah the album and gave her permission to share the photos with us.

Perhaps you will be able to identify some of the people and places in these images. (If you know the names and/or dates, please let me know, so we can add the information to this page.)

Mir girl
group of friends
Friends from Mir
Mir girl

At the left is a photo of Etka Jacobson Eskolsky (1877-1942 Mir). She was the youngest sister of my grandfather, Joseph Jacobson. It is thanks to Rebeka Genenski's album and my cousin Leah Garber that our extended family now has an image of Etka/ Itkah.

Etka became the wife of Avram Eskolosk/Iskolsky, son of Mordekhai. They had at least 5 children, including Ola/Ula (wife of Yosef Katzenelenbogen), Ezra (married Rifka Chahass), Gerszon, Chashke/Khana (wife of David Itzkowicz, mother of Chana and Izul) and Batia (wife of Liebel Kreinowicz, mother of Elizabeta/Liza).

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couple at barbed wire


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