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Maps of Mir

For a detailed 1934 map of Mir, showing houses, cemeteries, the castle and much more, click here.
(You will be able to enlarge the 1934 map for details.)

Map of Mir in 1990s below

 Mir Town Map
This map of Mir was published in 1994.

Center of town (center of larger map above)


The town had not grown since the war. The population in the late 1990s was around 3000 compare to more then 5000 before the war. Only a few small blocks of flats have been built on the outskirts of the town. A large secondary school for the arts was built outside the town, very close to the site of the Memorial.

Jews lived all over town before the occupation, however the majority of them lived around the town center. The center is left of the square with churches on each end.

There are many vacant lots where houses once stood. The wooden structures were destroyed by fires caused by the cross fire during the war.

The building that is used now as the town hall (bottom of square across from the church) was a house of a rich Jewish family.

Google Satellite Map of Mir 2007 - click to view Mir from above.

Once you get to the map, you might need to switch to Satellite or Hybrid view. Then click on the + (plus sign) to zoom in. Mir castle is on the lower right.

There are other maps of Belarus and Mir included on the History of Mir page.

Updated November 2007


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