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Mir Family Names

Name         Researcher
AARONSON Howard Cooper
ABRAMOVITZ Manfred Schwartz
AMDUR(SKY) Nyna Polumbaum
ALTMAN Wendy Almeleh
ALTSHULER Wendy Almeleh, Malli Schreiber Holoshitz
BARNAK Mitchell Cutler
BEANE  Bob Chazonoff
BECKER Reeva Jacobson Kimble
BELSKI Danny Dancig
BENUN Danny Dancig
BERMAN Frank Proschan, Chaim Gova
BILINSKY Susan Goldsmith
BIRMAN Rick Saffran
BLOOM Judith Wilen Krongold
BONDURA Howard Cooper
BRUCK Ted Brooks
BUNIEWICKA Frank Proschan
CHAIMOVITZ Joel Kent, Paula Revenson Howard
CHANKIN Wendy Almeleh
CHAPMAN Reeva Jacobson Kimble
CHERTOK David Jacobson
COOPER Howard Cooper
CYNKIN Julian Sinai, Julius Shapiro, Marsha Cohen
CZARNY Hadassah Lipsius
DANCIG Danny Dancig
DJUKE Carole Montello
DUKE Carole Montello
DVORKIN Marsha Cohen
DWORKIN Marsha Cohen
EPSTEIN Ted Hyman, Martin Delikat
ESKOLESKY Reeva Kimble
FABER Howard Cooper
FARBER Howard Cooper
FOGEL Susan Goldsmith
GABRIELOW Carole Montello
GARBER Reeva Kimble
GARKAVY Danny Dancig
GILMOFSKY Frank Proschan
GRYNBERG Eran Greenberg
HAIMOWITZ Joel Kent, Paula Revenson Howard
HENDEL Carole Montello
HARKAVY  Bob Chazonoff, David Jacobson, Frank Proschan
HELFANT Joe Toubes. Leo Hoenig
HERSHOWITZ Franck Proschan
HORWITZ Danny Dancig
IOSSELEVITCH Irene Silver Topolcic
ITZKOVITZ Chaim (Hyman) Itzkovitz
ITZKOWITZ Zodek Itzkowitz,  Simcha (Sidney) Itzkowitz
JACOBSON Reeva Kimble, David Jacobson
JOSSELEVITCH Irene Silver Topolcic
JOSSELEWITZ Irene Silver Topolcic
KAGAN Wendy Almeleh
KAHAN Irene Silver Topolcic
KAPLAN Carole Montello, Henry Soloway
MEYERSON Wendy Silverman
KOCH Danny Dancig
KONIK Danny Dancig
KOPELOWICZ Eileen (Chaya) Fridman
LAMPERT Bill Shaphren
LEWIS Joe Toubes
LEWIN Wendy Almeleh
LIDER Wendy Silverman
LIEBOWITZ   Bernie Hirsch
LIFSHITZ Ellen Gotfried
LIICHUWIITSKY Malli Schreiber- Holoshitz
LIKOVITSKY Malli Schreiber- Holoshitz
LIPSZYC Danny Dancig
MANIUK  Thea Levey
MEYERSON Wendy Silverman

MIRANKA Jack Kolpen
MIRANKAR Hilik Mirankar
MARKIEL Brian Marcus
MIRANSKY Carole Montello, Bob Finkelstein, Susan Goldsmith
MIRSKY Bill Shaphren, Ted Brooks, Wendy Almeleh, Julian Sinai
MUCHNIK Phyllis Saitz
NOVOGRODSKY   Ted Hyman, Allison Vrolijk
OKIN Leo Hoenig
ORLANSKY    Bernie Hirsch
PASS Wendy Almeleh
PAVLES Brian Marcus
PERLMAN Julie Henner
PISETZNER Carole Montello
POLENSTSKY Rhoda Krafchin
POSTOWSKY Gail Pastor Sara
POLLACK Howard Cooper
POPOK Sheldon Kneller, Ted Hyman
POZNYAK Mike Posnick
PROTAS  Susan Goldsmith
PROSCHANSKY  Frank Proschan
RABINOVICH Joanne Wolffson Lafler
REZNICK Henry Soloway
ROZANSKY Ellen Gotfried, Susan Goldsmith
RUBINOWITZ Frank Proschan
RUSEK Susan Goldsmith
SALMANSKY Rick Saffran
SCHARJA Allen B. Saxe
SCHREIBER Malli Schreiber- Holoshitz
SCHWARTZ Wendy Almeleh
SELIKOFF Steven Pilchik
SHAFFER Bob Finkelstein
SHAPHREN Bill Shaphren
SHAPIRA Hilik Mirankar
SHEPSOVITZ Howard Cooper
SHIFRANSKY Bill Shaphren
SHMUKLER Steven Pilchik, Joanne Wolffson Lafler
SHULMAN Wendy Almeleh
SIMAKOWSKY Allison Vrolijk, Martin Delikat
SINAISKY Julius Shapiro
SINDER Yolande Sinder
SINGER Rhoda Krafchin
SKLAR Henry Soloway, Ted Brooks
SKLOVSKY Joanne Wolffson Lafler
SKOLNICK Wendy Almeleh, Helene Gossy
SLOAN       Nyna Polumbaum
SOLOVACHIK Henry Soloway
STOLLER Danny Dancig
SREBNIK     Bernie Hirsch
TAUBE       Bernie Hirsch, Susan Goldsmith
TERETSKY  Karin Schultz
TCHERNEY Manfred Schwartz
TOBIAS Susan Goldsmith
TOUBES Joe Toubes, Julian Sinai, Susan Goldsmith
TOYBES Susan Goldsmith
TREMBITSKY Judith Wilen Krongold
TRIBUKH  Susan Goldsmith
TSINKIN Marsha Cohen
TURETSKY Karin Schultz
TZINKIN Marsha Cohen
WILENSKY Judith Wilen Krongold
WINGROFSKY Paula Revenson Howard
YACHES Annette Jacobs Katz
YAKUBOVICH Reeva Jacobson Kimble
YAKUBSONReeva Jacobson Kimble
ZAETSReeva Jacobson Kimble
ZAICHIK Phyllis Saitz
Reeva Jacobson Kimble
ZINGER Rhoda Krafchin
ZINKIN Julian Sinai, Julius Shapiro, Marsha Cohen
R. ELIAHU Arthur Golnick

Researchers and their families from Mir

Danny Dancig and his sister Bea Joffin of Johannesburg, South Africa had relatives from Mir named DANCIG, KEIMONETSKY/KAMENETSKY, KONIK, HORWITZ, BELSKI, KOCH, STOLLER, GARKAV/HARKAVY, BENUN, LIPSZYC
Joel Kent is searching CHAIMOVITZ (HAIMOWITZ)
Carole Montello and her cousin Caren Jaeger have ancestors named PISETZNER, MIRANSKY, KAPLAN, GABRIEL (GABRIELOW), HENDEL, and DUKE (DJUKE). Another cousin, Paula Revenson Howard is researching: WINGROFSKY and CHAIMOVITZ (HAIMOWITZ) in addition to all of the above. Lynne Hendel is also a descendant of the Pisetzer family of Mir.
Steven Pilchik is looking for SHMUKLER and SELIKOFF from Mir.
Mike Posnick's great grandfather POZNYAK was registered to the Jewish community of Mir according to the 1895 Minsk City birth records.
Sheldon Kneller's grandfather Meier POPOK, son of Aron Noah and Zelda left Mir around 1900, along with his brothers Isser and Moshe and his sister Alta.
Ted Hyman has POGORELSKY, POPOK, EPSTEIN, and NOVOGRODSKY ancestors from Mir on his mother's side. Her father was Isser Popok and her mother was Chosha Meirka Epstein. Her paternal grand-parents were Aron Noach Popok and Zelda Basha Pogorelsky. Her maternal grand-parents were Shmuel Zelig Epstein and Tieba Novogrodsky.
Bill Shaphren looked for SHAPHREN (SHIFRANSKY), MIRSKY, LAMPERT. His ancestors and mine went from Mir to Des Moines, Iowa.
Rhoda Krafchin is searching for SINGER/ZINGER and POLENETSKY, who were in Mir before 1907.
Ellen Gottfried has maternal ancestors from Mir with the names LIFSHITZ and ROZANSKY.
Arthur Golnick is researching a magid by the name of Rabbi Eliahu (ca 1757-1828) son of Rabbi Eliezer, Av bet Din of Berestovista.
Hadassah Lipsius has a great-great-grandmother Chava CZARNY who was born in 1818. Her Warsaw marriage record states that she was from Mir and her father was Moshe Czarny.
Henry Soloway has a number of relatives from Mir with last names of SOLOVEITCHIK (SOLOVACHIK), REZNICK, SKLAR, KAPLAN. See his family history for details.
Judith Wilen Krongold is searching for ancestors named TREMBITSKY (who became BLOOM) and WILENSKY.
Marv Chait searching Ida GRABEVETSKY, his grandmother and great grandparents Isaac and Dovora. Ida was youngest of 7, left Mir in 1913 for the US. Other family settled in London.
Zodek Itzkowitz, the son of David ITZKOWITZ, a kosher butcher in Mir whose shop was located on Cerkovna Street, lived in Mir until 1942. His family housed many Mir Yeshiva students in the 1920s and 1930s. Zodek and his remaining brothers Simcha (Sidney) Itzkowitz and Chaim (Hyman) Itzkovitz now live in Montreal and Florida. See Simcha Itzkowitz memoir.
Phyllis Saitz (no e-mail address). Her grandfather, Philip ZAICHIK, (changed to Saitz) and his future wife, Annie MUCHNIK came from Mir circa 1909, along with the rest of their families.
Peter Levin is the son of Dvora GERSZOWICZ, one of eight children of a farming family who lived near Mir. Members of the family went to England and Palestine. A relative, Abram GERSZOWICZ is mentioned in the Mir Yizkor Book.
Karin Schultz' great-great grandmother's family were named TURETSKY/TERETSKY. They had 3 daughters. The father was said to be mayor of Mir. One daughter married a rabbi and immigrated to Israel. One married a businessman and immigrated to South Africa. Anna, Karin's great-grandmother, married Max Tobias, a student who wrote prayers on talit, and immigrated to America.
Bernie Hirsch is looking for families named SREBNIK, LIEBOWITZ, TAUBE or ORLANSKY from Mir. (Note: he has an excellent web site: for Alsace and Lomza Genealogy)
Bob Chazonoff is the son of Sarah Reisha BUNIEWICKIEY, who is the daughter of Fivel BUNIEWICKIEY and Fruma Ethel HARKAVY who came to North America in1926 from Mir. Sarah's older brother Max Beane had left Mir earlier and settled in New York.
Nyna Polumbaum had grandparents Shlomo-Chayim and Nihama AMDUR(SKY) who had an "iron store on the square in Mir. They died in 1905 and their children were scattered. Nyna's mother Rachil was cared for by an aunt in Mir whose last name became SLOAN in the US, but was something longer in Mir.
Thea Levey is the granddaughter of Louis Moskow /Lippe MANIUK of Mir.  Lippe's grandfather owned the hotel in Mir and as of the 1929 business registry the family was still in ownership under the name S. Maniuk. The MANIUK family was large.
Yolande Sinder's grandfather Nahum SINDER (born 1904) and his brother Baruch left Mir in 1922 for South Africa. They settled in Johannesburg and worked in the meat business.
Ted Brooks has BRUKHANSKY, SKLAR, and MIRSKY ancestors from Mir. Moshe Brukhansky son, Nathan Brooks married Sara Resha Mirsky. Sara was the daughter of Elyakim Yitschok Mirsky and Etil Sklar.
Irving Pastor's father, and Gail Pastor Sara and Jeffrey Pastor's grandfather, is Harry PASTOR, AKA Aaron POSTOWSKI/POSTOVSKY from Mir. In Feb 1907 he came via Liverpool to Boston then to Nashua , NH. He was related to the HARKAWAY/HARKAVY family. There is a R. POSTOWSKA listed as being in the iron business in Mir in 1929.
Irene Silver Topolcic's grandfather, Zev JOSSELEVITCH/IOSSELEVITCH was a Hebrew school teacher in Mir. He married Chaya Rivka KAHAN/KAHN. They had seven children: Samuel, Leib, Aron, Abraham, Sarah, Joseph and David. Her grandfather went to the US in 1907 as Wolf JOSSELEWITZ. Chaya Rivka died in Mir. Sarah went to Chicago, Joseph, Sam and David to New York. Aron went to Buenos Aires, Leib to Berlin and Abraham to Warsaw.
Martin Delikat, is the grandson of Mordchai SIMAKOWSKY (see certificate of birth). Mordchai with his mother Esther-Malka (daughter of Samuel Zelikow EPSTEIN of Mir) immigrated to New York in 1912 , a year after his father Isaac Simakowsky immigrated. Their names became Isidore, Mollie and Emanuel Simon. Five more children were born in the US.

Allison Vrolijk, a great granddaughter of Isidore and Mollie SIMON/SIMAKOWSKY, is also researching this family and NOVOGRODSKY.

Gary Salmo's great-grandfather was Pinchas Dovid KARPELOWSKY. He and his wife Liba had a butcher's shop in the market square area, and also took in yeshiva students as boarders. They had 10 children. His grandfather Shmuel emigrated to Johannesburg, South Africa, circa 1922. Uncles Harry, Morris and Shmerel also went to South Africa. An aunt and her family were transported to Tashkent, where they survived the war. Descendents are now in Israel.

Brian Marcus is the grandson of Avram Isel MARCUS (MARKEWIECZ or MARKIEL) and Sonjez PAVLES. The family, including seven children, left Mir for Cape Town, South Afica, in 1934. Brian's father was Sam Marcus. His uncle Rabbi Nachum Leib Marcus attended Mir Yeshiva. Another uncle Solly Marcus, lived in Toronto.
Annette Katz' father Morris Jacobs came from Mir. He was a member of the Mirer Young Men's BES (see 1953 Journal). His name was Moshe YACHES before he came to the US.
Eran Greenberg's grandfather Moshe GRYNBERG was born in 1906 in Mir and left around 1936 for Israel. Moshe was the youngest of 7-8 children of Gershon and Chaja. The family had a grocery store in Mir.
Michael Escott is the great grandson of HaRav R. Yaakov ESKOLSKY (1875-1931). The Eskolsky family lived in Mir for many generations. The name may have come from the shtetl of Ishkol'd which is 9.4 miles SSW of Mir.
Yechiel (Hilik) Mirankar and his sister Ahoova Salit's family include their father's father Yehuda MIRANKAR, a book binder, and his wife Bluma SHAPIRA Mirankar, who was a cheese maker. Their children included Herzel (1917-1996, a carpenter, father of Hilik and Ahoova), Motel, Alter, Nehama (Naha), Miriam (Mirel) and Isaac (Itze). Herzel fought in the Spanish Civil War as a teenager, in the Polish army, in the Partisans and in the Russian army.  He married Esther Broide who was from a small village near Baranovich. Later he served in the Israeli army during the War of Independence and the Sinai War. Herzel Mirankar belonged to the Mir Society in Israel.
Frank Proschan's grandfather, Israel PROSCHANSKY, was born in Mir in 1877 and married Rose GELMAN (born, GILMOFSKY) of Mir, after immigrating to New York. Other family connections known to be from Mir include HERSHOWITZ (GERSHOWITZ etc.), BERMAN, HARKAVY, BUNIEWICKA. His grandfather's mother's last name was RUBINOWITZ and grandmother's mother's last name was LANDAU, both of whom may be from Mir. Family members settled in the U.S., France, South Africa, and Israel.
Malli Schreiber- Holoshitz is looking for information about grandparents David SCHREIBER (SHZRAJBER is the Polish spelling) and Shifra LIKOVITSKY/LIICHUWIITSKY Schreiber. Their sons Yehoshua and Yaakov and daughter Haya Schreiber survived and went to Israel on the Exodus. Shifra's mother was Lea Yentl ALTSHULER. Shifra's brother was Shiya Zelig Likovitsky/Liichuwiitsky.

Eileen (Chaya) Fridman's grandfather was Israel Chanan KOPELOWICZ. Some of his children included Tzila Kopelowitz (married name Zakheim), Mendel and Michael. See photos and Tzila Kopelowitz Zakheim biography

Julian Sinai's grandfather, Shlomo SINAISKI, was born in Mir and trained as a scribe at the Mir Yeshiva. His cousins were part of the MIRSKY family from Mir. He married Hannah CINKIN/ZINKIN before 1907. They had 6 children. The family went to South Africa in the 1920s. His sister married Kalman TOUBES of Mir. The Toubes family went to New York.
Julius Shapiro, of South Africa, is the great grandson of Bluma and Yossel ZINKIN (also spelled CYNKIN), who were both born around 1840 in Mir. Yossel, a miller and Hebrew teacher, was also known as Yossel Paramel. Their children were Yankel, Chiena (married baker Kalmen TOUBES/TAUBES), Michle and Menashe (married Shlomo SINAISKY).
Leo Hoenig would like information on his wife's OKIN and HELFANT families from Mir. See details.
Manfred Schwartz is the son of Alexander TCHERNEY, who was born in Mir in 1897 to Abram-Leib, son of Moshe CHERNY and Dveira daughter of Zalman ABRAMOVITZ. Members of this family went to South Africa.
Helene Gossy's mother's parents, Shlomo CHAIMOWITZ and Sarah SKOLNICK and many of their relatives were murdered in Mir, according to reports in the Mir Yizkor Book. Helene is trying to contact CHAIMOWITZ relatives in the United States.
Bob Finkelstein ancestors were Monas and Hinde MIRANSKY. Their daughter Razel/Rose married Torah scribe Sholom/Samuel SHAFFER/SCHAFFER around 1890. Sholom and Razel's children were Minnie-Fagle, Chaya/Ida and Chaim/Hyman. The family came to the US between 1904-1907. The Schaffers represented at least three generations of Torah scribes. Sholom Schaffer's father and grandfather were also Torah scribes in Mir.
Jack Kolpen's grandfather Jacob KOLPENITSKY lived in Mir. He left for the US in 1912. Jacobs' brother Harry's sons Louis, Abe, and Julius became KOLPON after they immigrated to New York.  They were members of the Mirer Young Mens Benevolent and Education Society. There were FOTTERMAN and MIRANKA cousins in Mir.
Susan Goldsmith is researching TOBIAS (Toubes, Taubes, Toybes), ROZHANSKY, MIRANSKY, BILINSKY, FOGEL, PROTAS, RUSEK and TRIBUKH in Mir, and nearby Novyy Sverzhen and Stolpcy.
Marsha Cohen is researching the CYNKIN/TZINKIN/TSINKIN/ZINKIN and DWORKIN/DVORKIN families of Mir. Her maternal grandfather, Yisroel Nachum TZINKIN, born in 1883, was youngest son of Elye and Mirka TZINKIN of Mir. He came to the US from Mir in 1909/1910, where his name was changed to Isidore Shankin. His wife, Elka Sora (1885-1925), the daughter of Avraham and Esther DWORKIN/DVORKIN of Mir, arrived at Ellis Island in 1921 with their children Shayna Etel (Jeanette Shankin Axelrod), Zalman Ber (Sol Shankin) and Itsche (Irving Shankin).
Bill Myers is looking for information relating to his grandparents Isaac MIRSKY and Matilda/Tilda TOBIS MIRSKY from Mir. Isaac came to Des Moines, Iowa about 1888 joining his sister Mary MIRSKY MARCUS who had come to Des Moines some time earlier. Tillie and daughter Libbie left Mir to reunite with Isaac in 1892.
Joanne Wolffson Lafler is looking for SKLOVSKY and SHMUKLER families from Mir. Her father's mother traced her ancestry to Eleazer Shmukler (sometimes spelled SCHMUCKLER), who changed his name to Sklovsky when he married Belle Bessie Sklovsky. Their son, Israel Solomon Sklovsky (b. 1843) married Sarah RABINOVICH (b. 1844). There also are MOLCHATSKY/MOLOCHOVSKY families might have come from Mir.
Julie Henner has MAZUREWITZ relatives from Mir. Her ancestors are Leib Ber MAZUREWITZ (1852-abt1930) and his wife Rivka (1865-1941). She is also related to the PERLMAN family.

Mitchell Cutler's ancestors came from Mir. GG grandfather Aaron BARNAK was born 1834 in Mir. Aaron's son Zundel was born 1867 in Mir and married Faigle Rabinowitz who was born 1868 in Lechovitz. Their son Moshe BARNAK was born in Mir around 1909. His family later moved to Lechovitz/Lyakovhici. Moshe eventually settled in Montreal.

Chaim Gova's grandfather, Baruch/Boris BERMAN was born in Mir in 1920, the youngest of 9 children of Chaim (b. 1888) and Mira/Merka (b.1885) Berman. His parents were murdered in the Mir ghetto. He escaped and was able to join the partisans. He died in 2007 in Israel.
Wendy Silverman's great grandfather Shlomo Leader/ Lider/Leder, the son of Benzion LIDER and Fruma, was born in Mir. He was a scribe. Other family members had surnames of KAMINER and MEYERSON.
Joe Toubes has HELFANT and TOUBES ancestors from Mir, who are related to JACOBSON cousins from Des Moines, Iowa. Two TOUBES sisters married men with the last name of LEWIS and came to the US in 1909.
David Jacobson is the son of Jacob Zavel CHERTOK, who left Mir at age 5 around 1905. The family went to Iowa. His ancestors from Mir include Pesha HARKAVY and Minnie JACOBSON.
Reeva Jacobson Kimble is searching for JACOBSON (YAKUBSON, YAKUBOVICH), BECKER and ZAYETS (ZAETS)ancestors. Also for GARBER and CHAPMAN and ESKOLESKY who married into the JACOBSON family. Some members of these families left Mir by 1881 and settled in Des Moines, Iowa. Others followed over the next 30 years. (GARBER from Warsaw, was a rabbi in Mir. He married Elise JACOBSON whose mother returned with her American born children to Mir from Des Moines, Iowa in 1896.)


Researchers with family connections to Mir Yeshiva

Allen B. Saxe is researching students, teachers, and Rabbis during the period 1910-1925. His father Moshe SCHARJA attended Mir Yeshiva. His family web site includes photos and information about the Yeshiva.
Chaim Freedman is researching foreign students who attended Mir Yeshiva during the period 1935-1939. His father-in-law Pinkhas (Phillip) BERLINER attended Mir Yeshiva during this period, then attended Teltz Yeshiva until Mir Yeshiva was relocated in Keidan. In 1940 he joined the group of foreign Mir students which found refuge in Australia. See photos on this site and a list of foreign students who attended the Mir Yeshiva between the wars.

Researchers with other connections to Mir

Marek Januszewski's great grandparents Michal and Maria Januszewski lived in Mir for a few years. Michal worked for Prince Sviatopolk-Mirski. Both Michal and Maria died in 1818 and were buried in Mir. A year later, their six children were sent to an orphanage in Baranovichy and the four who survived later went to Liskowo, Poland. (Marek can be contacted at: spec(at) but you have to change the (at) to @)
updated October 2022


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