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The Mir Yiddish Folk-shul in 1937

Folkshul 1937

In 1937, Morris Ziskind, from South Africa, a friend of the Dancig family, visited Mir while on a trip to his own family's shtetl. He brought back photos of the children and teachers in the Folkshul in Mir, as well as a card signed by the teachers and students.
This photo is from the collection of Bee Joffin (Brocha Dancig Joffin) who was born in Mir. Her father, Dovid Dancig was among those instrumental in establishing the Folkshul.

(Morris Ziskind is fourth from the right in the back row (tall bald man). Everyone else is a resident of Mir.)

Click on the photo above for a much bigger image. If you recognize anyone, please let me know.

Folkshul in Mir

Folkshul in Mir


The back of the lower Folkshul photo. It says "Yiddische Folk-Shul in Mir".
( Lower photo and image on back was sent by Danny Dancig in 1999)


Signatures of teachers and pupils of the Mir Yiddish Folkshul
in 1937

Folkshul students signatures

This image was provided by Bee Joffin (2014)

If you can help with translating the signatures above, please send them to me

Created February 2014


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