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Mir Photos from the collection of Yitzhak Rasin (Reznick)

Prewar Photo taken in Mir or at Aliya Camp

Youth of the Mir orchestra
Zimor & Meilach Reznick and the Meir brothers

Escort of Talmud To rah Teacher to the bus in Mir 1931
Yitzhak Reznick (Rasin) holding  the bike
Aliya Camp
Aliya camp, with Yitzhak Reznick (Rasin) & Moshe Rabinovich
Aliya Camp
Bow & arrow training at Aliya camp
Aliya Camp
Shooting training at Aliya camp
Ice Skating
Ice skating on the Mir river – 1937
Moshe Rabinovich and Iche Reznick

"Shomer Haza'ir" leaders in Mir
Shlomo Habas, Yoel Mazarevich & Dov Reznick

Return visit to Mir

Town sign MIR

The Mir River

Remains of the Reznick family power station
August 17, 1989 Avrem'l & Yitzhak Reznick & local man

Typical Jewish home in Mir in the 1920s


Mass grave on the way to Boine, Mir  

Mass grave, Mir forest

Yitzhak Reznick (Rasin) Shimon by Mass grave near Zamek Castle

Yitzhak Reznick (Rasin), Shimon Kagan, Son of Sonia Kagan

Mir Yeshiva, the original building


Photos in Israel

Gathering of Mir people on Memorial Day

Brother Daniel (Oswald Rufeisen) & Yitzhak Reznick (Rasin)

1991 Gathering in Israel of Survivors from Mir


Thanks to Jackie Nurick who scanned and sent these photo to the Mir web site.

February 2009


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