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Mazurewitz Family

The earliest ancestors from Mir that Julie Henner has found are Leib Ber Mazurewitz (1852-abt 1930) and his wife Rivka (1865-1941). Leib and Rivka's daughter married into the Perlman family.

Rivka Mazurewitz and children

The early photo above shows Rifka, wife of Leib Mazurewitz and four of their young children in Mir.

A later photo of Leib Mazurewitz and his wife Rivka with their children and other family members.


Rikva and Leib Ber Mazurewitz had five children: Alter, Jacob,, Yosef, Motl, and Yehudit. Motl was a gymnast and Yosef was in an acting troupe. Yehudit, who was born in 1900 in Mir, married a Perlman and lived in Nieswiez, Poland where she perished in 1941.

Alter and Jacob escaped to America. Alter changed is name to Harry and was Julie Henner great-grandfather. Most of Harry and Jacob's family live in the US. Yosef's children escaped from Mir to Israel where they still reside.

created January 2010


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