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Lewin Family from Mir

Itka, Aron and Israel-Chaim Lewin

Israel-Chaim Wulfovich Lewin and his wife Itka/Itta, daughter of Abram Rogovin, lived in Mir. They were recorded in Revision Lists as living in Mir in 1872 and 1873. Israel-Chaim's younger brother Shaya was living with them in 1872. In the Memory Book of the Minsk Gubernia for 1878, Israel-Chaim was listed as a second class merchant in Mir. Documents show that Itka lived in Mir until at least 1904.

Their son Aron Lewin was born in Mir, December 30, 1882. Aron graduated from the 8th grade of the gymnasium in Helm of the Lublin province in 1901 and entered medical school at the University of Warsaw.

In 1902, he was arrested for three weeks for speaking out against the anti-Semitic play The Golden Calf.

In 1904, in his third year at the university, he married Anna Ioselevskaya (Joseliovska). Their marriage record indicates that his mother is still living in Mir, although his father had died.

Aron and Anna Lewin

In the same year, they were both arrested. Aron for three months, and Anna for six weeks.

In Warsaw, on December 9, 1904 they had a daughter who they named Sophia.

Sophia Lewin, about 1919

In March 1906, Aron was transferred to Odessa University and in the fall of 1907 to Kharkov University. On May 28, 1908, he received a Doctor’s diploma. Until 1910, he worked as a zemstvo doctor* in the Kharkov province, and then as a doctor in the Astrakhan province. In 1914 he was mobilized into the army. He first served in the 185th regiment, where on March 1, 1915 he received the order of "St. Stanislav of the Third Degree with Swords" for military merit. Then he was transferred to the 174th Evacuation Hospital.

Aron was killed in 1919 by White Cossacks on the street in Kerch, Ukraine.

Photos and information provided by Anton Borisovich Avdeev, the grandson of Sophia Lewin. Contact Anton if you would like to read a detailed biography of Aron Lewin. It is in Russian.

* Zemstvo medicine, a system of free rural medical care, acquired an outspanding reputation in late 19th century Russia.

Created March 2020


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