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Halpern Family

Morris Halpern (Elijah Moshe ben Eliezer) was born about 1867. He and his wife Esther (Esther bat Eliyahu (or Ilya) Chaim HaLevi Silkowitz lived in Mir, where their children were born.
In 1899 Morris left Mir and went to New York. Esther and the children arrived in 1906.

The photo below was taken after the whole family was reunited in America.

Halpern family
Irving/ Isadore) (b. ~1899), David (b. ~1890), Esther (b. ~1868), Etta (b. ~1896), Morris (b. ~1867), Benjamin/Pinchas) (b. ~1893), Rose (b. ~1898).

Morris Halpern 1867-1928

Esther Silkowitz Halpern 1868-1932
photo ~1927

David and Ben Halpern 1913

Ben Halpern in World War I uniform


David Halpern became a member of the Mirer Young Mens Benevolent And Educational Society in 1907 and was still a member in 1940. This information is recorded in the Mirer Society's 35th Anniversary Journal. He was on the membership list when they celebrated the 50th anniversary.

David sponsored several people for membership in the organization including Dave Silkowitz in 1911 and Ben Silkowitz in 1913. They might have been related on his mother's side of the family. In 1914 he sponsored Issy Markman. Much later, in 1934, he sponsored David Schoen, who was the husband of his sister Etta. His sister Rose's husband, Henry Ebenstein, also became a member of the Mirer Young Mens Benevolent And Educational Society.

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