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Zh'uchovich Street Beit-Kneset
Beit-Kneset on Zh'uchovich Street

Sasha Galver lived on Zh'uchovich Street in Mir. He sent these photos of the Beit-Kneset that was on the same street. He said that before the Nazi's got to Mir (around 1941), his family (his father and grandfather...) and he used to go to this Beit-Kneset on Shabat and on holidays.

During the war every house on the street was burned (they were made of wood) and their owners were killed. This Beit Kneset survived (it was made of blocks). After the war, the Byellorussians used it as a workshop for sewing clothes.

Beit Kneset side of building
Above are recent photos of what was the Beit-Kneset.

Sasha went to Byellorussia in 1998. He said: Now Zh'uchovich Street is called "May 1st Street"
Updated February 2005


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