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Announcement of 1898 Sale near Mir

sale in Mir


To the clergy of 2nd circuit of the Novgorod district

The estate of Active State Councilor Novitskii named UTSEKHA, located 27 versts from the railroad station GORDOEII of the Mascow-Brest railroad line (postal horse drawn carriages are located there which are at the disposal of horse and carts belonging to Jews), 12 versts from the postal station MIR and 5 versts from the shtetle TURETS, offers fruit trees for sale:  apple trees, pear trees, plum trees, as well as varieties of cherries as well as raspberries, currents, gooseberries, bushes.   The prices are:

1 summer graft of fruit trees at .      .      .     .      .     .      15 kopeeks/item
2 -      -      -      -      -     -      -     .    .      .      .     .     .  30    "     "    "
3-      -      -      -      -     -      -     .    .      .      .     .     .     . 45     "     "    "

               and so on.  Each year of the trees age cost an additional 10 kopeeks/item.

Fruit bushes, namely raspberries (red and white) cost five kopeeks per summer graft, currents (red white and black), and gooseberries (red, green and golden) cost ten kopeeks per summer graft. 

In addition a purchase of

rubles is discounted       .     .   
5 rubles


50      "       "     "   .      .     .     10     "    


100     "       "     "    " .      .      .     20    "    

Buyers arriving to purchase fruit trees and berry bushes receive necessary planting moss, straw, plant malting, rope at prices per item.

The fruit nursery contains 600 various kinds of pear trees 8- summer types, which may be sold 1 ruble/item with the discounts of 5, 10, 20 rubles as shown above.

A small number of park trees: wild chestnuts, larches, oak, ordinary and Asian (Tartar) maple, at prices accessible to buyers.

Those who wish to obtain detailed information on the numbers and kinds of fruit trees for sale, and information by mail or railroad are requested to write to Genrihk [i.e., Heinrich] Frantsovich Gorst, lease-holder of the estate Utsekha.  The address is the post office in Mir, in Minsk gubernii.

The document above adds a little more to our knowledge of life in Mir.

Sasha Galver found the advertisement of a sale of fruit trees near Mir and sent it to this web site.
Patrick Gordis translated the document from Russian to English. The translation was typed by Emily Gordis (age 10).

Updated October 2007


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