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Mir 2003

Descendents of Rabbi Yeruchom Levovitz returned to Mir again, in the summer of 2003.
They continued work on restoration and preservation in the Jewish cemetery.

The Jewish Cemetery of Mir, from a distance
Cemetery Gate
Old Cemetery Wall

Cemetery with fragments of gravestones in foreground, cemetery wall in distance.

Another view of Cemetery

The grave of Reb Yeshaya, a disciple of the Gaon of Vilna. He came from the town of Zechevitch and therefor was called Reb Shaye Zechevitcher. He was older than the Gaon of Vilna but was nevertheless a disciple. He died around 1750.

Grave stone 1
Part of gravestone.
(Click on photos with borders to see larger image.)
Many of the stones in this cemetery were made of poured concrete. See photo of this cemetery, full of gravestones, before the war.

grave stone 2
Gravestone #2
Our Master our father crown of our heads
The great Rabbi and truly G-d fearing man
Renowned for his great character and worthy deeds
A person who spread Torah learning to many
************* A minister of Torah
**************** A descendant of great ones
Our Teacher and Rabbi Yehoshua Zelig
Son of Rabbi ***** Eizik of blessed memory

Gravestone #3
An (important) woman
Modest in all her good deeds
Rochel Leah
Daughter of Rabbi Yaakov Moshe
Died 21 Adar 5680
(March 11 1920)

Sign on the main road for the exit to Mir
Road into Mir
Entering Mir 2003

Mir street


Market Square



Old house

Old house

Old house

chickens of Mir Goats of Mir

Updated March 2005


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