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Mir Landsmenschaft in Israel 2003

Gathering of Mir Landsmen and their descendents
(kneeling in front) Tzvi ben Moshe 2nd generation
(L-R standing) Shaya Simonovitz (escaped from ghetto), female 3G, female 2G., Reisin 2G, Israel Shifron (escaped from ghetto),
Aharon Koch (escaped from ghetto), Sofia Gershovitz (survivor), Lea Garber 2G, Shirley Roth 2 or 3G,
Shaye Galver (Mirer, was
in Russia), Haim Zernitzki 2G, Etele Kaplan/Kriegel (Mirer, was in Russia),
Tabori/Reznick 2G (daugther of Simcha Resnick the former charman of Mir society), 2-3G, wife of Shaya Galver,
Ruth Porter (a curator for our museum)

Back row: Benjamin Gurevitz (escaped from ghetto), Dvora Shifron (wife of Israel Shifron),
Tzvi Reshef 2G'''a son of Bruria Kaplanm wife of Tzvi ben Moshe, daugther of Tzvi ben Moshe,
Eli Razin 2G, Itzchak Razin (Mirer) , Moshe Pozniak (escaped from the ghetto), sister of Tzvi ben Moshe

Gravestone for the victims of Mir, in the Nachalat-Itzchak cemetery, near Tel-Aviv. 2003

Updated March 2005


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