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Autumn trip to Mir 2012

Hananya Kronenberg and his wife Shira were in Belarus on an international agricultural aid project in the fall of 2012 and spent a day in Mir. They took all the photos and provided information below.

They came across a small museum close to the building that once held the Mir Yeshiva. This two room museum is called "Mir Posad", and is run by Sakel Viktor Janovich.

The museum hopes to attract Jewish tourists wandering through the area. It features artifacts, Torah fragments, siddur fragments, old Yiddish phonograph records, newspapers, and books; furniture, documents, clothing, and other remnants of the famous shtetl that the owner has collected from the area. Many items can be purchased by visitors.

little museum

Privately owned Jewish museum in Mir
v. Mer, 2nd road Keerova, d.2, Mir.
telephone +37529 929-42-68 (cell)

Cost of entrance to the museum is 8000 rubles (about US $1.00)
A guided tour is 40,000 rubles.

Side of museum building on left

In one glass case of the museum, there is a Jewish genealogical document collection in a bound volume. Here is a rough translation of one page of the document on the left.

Left page of document: "The List of People Who Experienced Fire in Mir, To Whom Help Was Given by Committee- June 24, 1894"

Right page of document: This is a list of Jewish residents. The header for the columns are:
1. Number 2. Name, father's name, and last name 3. Amount of money 4. Signature of person receiving aid

Line 135: Zelakovsky Leynar 75 rubles
Line 136: Zelakovsky Yankel or Yakov 15 rubles
Line 137: Yaum (?) Heykel 12 rubles
Line 138: Yaum (?) Abram 12 rubles
Line 139: Yaum (?) Hesya- Yahna 5 rubles
Line 140: Kreimer Levsha-Leiba/Kogam 5 rubles
Line 141: Kareshurein Gendel 6 rubles

straw mat

Straw mats
These were on display in the small museum.
The museum guide said these mats were put in the road in front of the rabbi's home to reduce noise from the wheels of carts going by in the street.

Nearby old houses and storage shed above. Former Jewish buildings below.

Hananya Kronenberg pointing to the "eyebrows" above the windows.
The Jewish guide in Mir said that all Jewish buildings have eyebrows on
the walls or above the windows

Restoration project - one of the former synagogues of Mir
Mir Castle entrance and interior courtyard
Photo display boards in one room of the museum in the basement of the Castle in Mir

Chaia-Feigl and Idel Galver, parents of Chiam Galver,
grandparents of Sasha Galver

Russian Posters displayed in Mir Castle museum


Hananya Kronenberg has given permission to display all the photos above.

Created December 2012


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