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Galver Family Documents and Printed Matter

Galver Post Card from Siberia

A post card sent from the Galver family in Siberia to Palestine, to Neima Galver Shafran, a sister of Chaim Galver.
17 October 1945
Neima went to Palestine about 1922, when she was about 15 years-old.
Another of Chaim's sisters, Batya (Basl) Galver Sikler, arrived in Palestine about 1934.
(The four lines of writing at the bottom of the card are part of the family address in Siberia.)

Post Card from Mir

Post card from Calka Shraiber of Mir, Poland to A. Sokol in the US.
(notes: This card seems to be addressed to Pertn Amboy N.Y. There is a Perth Amboy in New Jersey.
Did it arrive or was it returned to sender?

Translation below from Yiddish, thanks to a kind volunteer from Jerusalem

From us your cousins [=male and female, in English it’s the same] who wish you from the depth of their hearts life and peace, blessings and success, Riches and honor
Betzalel and Itta Osna Schreiber
our children give over to you very hearty regards [?]
We ask of you to write us a letter because we are very curious to know about your health and everything from us the above mentioned

Kalinin mirski Samek evereii
(I can provide a slightly better image, if anyone wants to try to translate this article)

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