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 Survivors Return to Mir

A group of survivors of the Mir ghetto came back to the castle where they had been imprisoned 46 years before.
(from left to right) Esther March Winsikd, Masha Sinder, David Sinder, Israel Shifron, Benjamin Gerevitz, Zadok Itzkovitz, Chaim Itzkovitz, Jacob Lifshitz, Sonia Protas.
Gravestone, after modifications made in 1998 (see details of design)

Israel Shifron with his daughter Tali on the grave of the liquidation of the ghetto in Mir. The liquidation took place August 13, 1942.

This was the grave of Mr. Shifron's mother and many other Jews of Mir.(See "the Escape" by Israel Shifron for details)

Gravestone, after modifications made in 1998

Luba Aronowna (on left), a Jewish woman who married a local man in Mir. She was murdered in 2000. She is standing with Witzicovitz, Sofer ben Moshe and Israel Shifron.

The Mir Yeshiva and Kalte Shul
Updated March 2005


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