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Mir Castle Complex Museum exhibit of
the Ghetto in Mir Castle

In 2017, the museum is presenting several exhibitions including "Wars of the XX century" and "Ghetto in Mir Castle". There is a book of victims of the ghetto in memory of the dead civilians in the exhibition. (click here for English translation)

A Requiem-evening dedicated to the 75th anniversary of ghetto liquidation in Mir Castle was scheduled for August 12, 2017 in the Mir Castle Complex Museum. (See report of one part of the event.)

Views of the museum exhibits and close up of posters below.
(Click on any photo to see a much larger image)

Mir Yizkor Book

Prewar views of Mir and Jewish inhabitants

Photo of the survivors of the Mir ghetto – Esther March Winsikd, Masha Sinder, David Sinder, Israel Shifron, Benjamin Gerevitz, Zadok Itzkovitz, Chaim Itzkovitz, Jacob Lifshitz, Sonia Protas, Mary Gilmovskaya, Cyla Zakheim (Kopelovich), Anna Haimovich, Sarra Lander, Fanya Bilstky, Aharon Koch, Chaim Wierzba.

Thanks to Olga Novitskaya for informing us about the events at the museum and sending the photos of exhibits.

August 2017/update September 2017


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