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Former Residents of Mir
In the town of Mir, there are few reminders of our ancestors. The cemetery has been reclaimed, but most of the gravestones were destroyed during and after WWII. Many of the wooden houses, seen in old photos, were burned down. The remaining stone synagogues and schools are no longer used for their original purposes.
Here we can remember former residents with photos. Everyone pictured below was from a Mir family. Most were born in Mir. A few people have two parents from Mir, and were born after the family left Mir.

Perhaps we can find family resemblances, even if the records of relationships no longer exist. (see notes below)

Any photo in a colored frame can be clicked to discover more about the family.

Joseph Jacobson
Joseph Jacobson (1869 Mir-1932 NY) Photo 1897. Brooklyn, NY
Left Mir about 1886 for Des Moines, Iowa. (click on photo to see family tree)
Malka Chapman Malka/Mollie Jacobson Chapman (1859 Mir-1957 Des Moines, IA) wife of Isaac Jacob Chapman of Mir. Sister of Joseph Jacobson family tree Isaac Jacobson
Hyman Isaac Jacobson (1851-1936).
Oldest brother of Joseph, Malka, Etka. First member of family to leave Mir for Des Moines, Iowa 1881.
Mose Jacobson Mose Jacobson
Mose Jacobson (1868-?) Left Mir about 1886 for Des Moines Iowa with his younger brother Joe. (Photo about 1896)
Jacobson family tree Etka Jacobson Jacobson family tree
Etka Jacobson Eskolsky (1877-1942 Mir), youngest sister of Joseph Jacobson and Malka Jacobson Chapman, wife of Avram Eskolosky.

Hayman (Chaim) Toubes
(1866 Mir-1954 Iowa)
came to Des Moines, Iowa before 1889 (see note below)
Pauline Rabinowitz Toubes
Pauline Rabinowitz Toubes
(wife of Hayman Toubes) came to Des Moines, Iowa 1900
Benjamin Toubes
Benjamin Toubes
(1900 Mir-1987 Calif.)
(son of Pauline and Hyman Toubes) came to Des Moines, Iowa 1900
Chaim Rabinovitz
Chaim Rabinovitz
(father of Pauline Rabinowitz Toubes)
Solomon Jacobson
Solomon Jacobson, great grandfather of Leah Garber
click photos for more pictures and family story
Shoshana Davidson Jacobson
Shoshana Davidson Jacobson, wife of Solomon
Masha GarberZelda GarberMoshe Garber

Masha Garber, Zelda Garber and Moshe Garber,
grandchildren of Solomon and Shoshana Jacobson
Duber Eskolsky
Dov-Ber (Berel) Eskolsky (mid 1800s - 1920), descended from the gaon R. Yehuda Leib Mirkes, was the father of Yaakov, Miram, Aharon, Isadore, Ike, Abraham, Joseph and Sophie
(Click to see family photo, read about members of the Eskolsky family in translations from the Yizkor Book and see additional pictures.)
Rabbi Eskolsky
R. Yaakov Eskolsky (1875-1931) was born in Mir.
(click photo for more information)

Sheina CONNOK KAMENETSKY wife of Aaron KAMENETSK. (click photo to learn about their descendents and see pictures of Kamenetsky,Horowitz, Belsky, Dancig, Cohen and Koch families)
newDavid Dancig
David Dancig,
son of Jakov Moshe and Brocha, cabinet makers in Mir. (click on photo to learn about DANCIG, BELSKY and HARKAVY relatives.)
Reuven Pastowski
Berkov Postowski
(Born abt. 1850-?)
wife of Berkov Pastowski
Unknown Postowski
wife of Berkov Pastowski 

Berko Postowski, son of Reuven Postowski and Rivka Harkawe
abt 1925. (Click on photo to read about the family)

Mirsky parents
Moshe Mirsky and Eva Pogorelsky
Click photo for details
Emanuel Simon
Emanuel Simon (b. 1911 Mir)
(was Mordchai Simakowsky)
came to NY 1912
(click on photo to see some of his original documents)
Emanual Simon and Parents
Esther-Malka (Epstein) and Isaac Simakowsky with son Mordchai (Emanuel Simon) in 1912
more photos
Leib Mazurewitz
 Leib Ber Mazurewitz (1852-abt 1930)
Rivka Mazurewitz
Rivka, wife of Leib Ber Mazurewitz

Sors Risza B
Sors Risza Buniewicka (b. 1910 Mir). See Birth Certificate
Fruma-Ethel Harkavy Buniewicka

Mother of Sora Risza Buniewicka
Rachil Amdursky, mother of
Nyna Polumbaum

Click on photo to see more pictures and read some history of the Amdursky family of Mir
Beylke Amdursky, aunt of
Nyna Polumbaum
Sheiel Pinkus
Chaim Galver, father of Sasha Galver, photo 1937 in Mir Documents
Sonia Galver (center) and schoolmates
Click on photo to see pages from Galver and Charny family album
Israel Resell 
Israel Resell, who was kiled 13 Aug. 1942 in the Mir Getto.
Cousin of Israel Shifron and Sasha Galver
Solly Marcus 
Solly Marcus, born 1920 in Mir
is the uncle of Brian Marcus
Click on photo to see his school class and teachers as well as his family in Mir and South Africa.

Israel Kopelowicz
Israel Chanan Kopelowicz
Eileen Fridman's grandfather

Tz Kopelowicz
Tzila Kopelowicz ( Zakheim)
Mendel Kopelowicz
Mendel Kopelowicz

Michael Kopelowicz
Michael Kopelowicz
Morduch Peker
From the Palestine Immigrant Certificate for Morduch Peker (click to see that document and his Polish passport.)
Genia Reizin Peker
Genia Reizin, who married Morduch Peker
Click photo to
see larger image, Reizin family photos, passports and Palestine Immigrant Certificates.

Yankel Solovachik.
Yankel Solovachik, 1900, Mir
Click photo to see larger image and other pictures of the Solovachik family

Chaya Soreh Reznick Solovachik
Chaya Soreh Reznick Solovachik,
the wife of Yankef Solovachick. Photo takin around 1900 in Mir.
Menashe Zinkin
Menashe Zinkin, son of Yossel Zinkin/Cynkin and Bluma (Click on any photo in this row to learn about the Zinkin, Toubes and Sinaisky families of Mir)
Shlomo Sinai
Shlomo Sinaisky/Sinai, grandfather of Julian Sinai.
Michle Zinkin Sinai.
Michle Zinkin Sinaisky, grandmother of Julian Sinai
Chiene Zinkin Toubes
Chiene Zinkin Toubes

Kalmen Toubes
Kalmen Toubes

Mirka Tsinkin
Mirka, wife of Elye,
mother of Yisroel, Sophie and Motte Velvel Cynkin
Yisroel Nachum Tzinkin
Isidore Shankin (Yisroel Nachum Cynkin) (1883 Mir - 1975 Miami FL) the grandfather of Marsha Cohen
Elka Sora Dworkin Tzinkin
Sarah Shankin (Elka Sara Cynkin), daughter of Avraham and Esther Dworkin, wife of Isidore Shankin (1883 Mir - 1925 NY)
Sophie Cynkin Newstead
Sophia Cynkin Newstead (1881 Mir-1977 Claremont, South Africa )
Sejna/Shayna Etelbecame Jeanette Shankin Axelrod
Jeanette Shankin Axelrod (Shayna Etel Cynkin), daughter of Isidore and Sara Shankin (1906 Mir - 1996 NY)
Sol Shankin
Sol Shankin (Zalman Ber Cynkin), son of Isidore and Sara Shankin( 1908 Mir - 1965 Miami FL)
Irving Shankin
Irving Shankin (Itsche Cynkin), son of Isidore and Sara Shankin (b. 1908 Mir) celebrated his 102nd birthday in August 2011.
Yerachmiel Dworkin
Yerachmiel Dworkin, son of Feivel and Etka (b. 1918 Mir), survived WWII by joining the partisans, and lives in Israel on Kibbutz Nir David.
Esther, wife of Avraham Dworkin, mother of Sarah Shankin, Sam and Feivel Dworkin
Avraham Dworkin, husband of Esther, father of Sarah Shankin, Sam and Feivel Dworkin, and (by his first wife) Jake Dworkin and Minnie Dworkin Comen
Sam Dworkin
Samuel Dworkin, son of Avraham and Esther Dworkin (c.1883Mir - 1948 NY).
Moshe Greenberg
Moshe Greenberg, born in 1906 in Mir. Photo around 1936 when he left for Israel. Click photo for more photos and documents.

Tsifka Pisetzner's grandfather was Yitchak Yehuda Pisetzner. Tsifka/Sophie left Mir in 1913, at age 17. She met and married Max Hendel in NYC in 1915. Contact her granddaughter.

Israil-Chaim Wulfovich Lewin and wife Itka Abramovna Rogovin Lewin were listed in Revision Lists as living in Mir in 1872 and 1873. (click photo for more details)

Aron Lewin, son of Israel-Chaim and Itka Lewin
was born in Mir He ived in Mir from 1881 – 1891. He became a physician. For more details, contact his great grandson Anton.

Morris Halpern 1867-1928
(more photos and details about the family)

Esther Halpern, daughter of Eliyahu (or Ilya) Chaim HaLevi Silkowitz or Salkowitz

David Halpern

Ben Halpern

Avremel Weiner, son of Berko and Liba Kuznitzki Weiner (Photos and details about his family)

newYoel Stolovitsky in 1929 before he left Mir and immigrated to Canada. Click to see photos of his family from Mir and many of his travel documents.

newMoishe Stolovitsky, brother of Yoel in Mir, 1934

newBinyamin Lifshitz was born 1861 in Mir to Tzodock Lifshitz and Leah Friedman Lifshitz. He married Esther
Rosansky. He and his family immigrated to America.
Click for details.


Picture notes
Photos are grouped by family. Famiies are in the order they were submitted to this web site. Additional submissions always welcome.

Hayman Toubes's father, Benjamin HELFANT went to live with another family in Mir, named Toubes because they did not have a son. If he were adopted as their son, he would not be drafted into the Russian army. Hayman Toubes and Solomon Jacobson and brothers Hyman Isaac, Mose and Joseph Jacobson were cousins who all went to Iowa in the 1880s.

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Mir Photos taken in the years between the Wars
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General Notes
Some pictures were extracted from interesting old group pictures. Click in the center of the bordered photos to go to the original image or for more information.
Some links are to scans of original documents.
Where possible, there is an e-mail link to someone with more information about the photo.


updated January 2022


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