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Kopelowicz Family from Mir

Eileen (Chaya) Fridman of Efrat, Israel send photos and information about her family. Her late mother, Tzila Kopelowitz (married name Zakheim) was born in Mir, survived the war and immigrated to South Africa in 1948.

In 1992 Eileen accompanied the first group of survivors who went with Oswald Rufeisen to visit Mir. In 1998 she joined the survivors on another trip to Mir, along with her husband and 4 young children, plus her sister, Ethel Penn of South Africa, cousin, Shirley Roth of Jerusalem (daughter of Eliahu Kopelowicz) and cousin Alberto Kopelowicz of Buenos Aires (son of Philip Kopelowicz).


Israel Chanan Kopelowicz
Israel Chanan Kopelowicz, Eileen Fridman's grandfather, was killed in the last shechitah, 1942
Tzila Kopelowicz
Tzila Kopelowicz, daughter of Israel Chanan. survived the war and emigrated to South Africa in 1947.
Her married name is Zakheim.
(Read the story of her survival)
Mendel Kopelowicz
Tzila Kopelowicz with her younger brother, Mendel, who was killed in the first shechitah in November 1941.
This picture was taken in Mir in 1938.
Michael Kopelowicz
Tzila Kopelowicz and her brother Michael Kopelowicz.
This picture was taken in Mir May 5,1935.
Michael was a partisan. He and his wife, also a partisan, were killed in the forests. 
Eileen's aunt was Feigel Kopelowicz, a well-known Yiddish actress both in Mir and South Africa

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