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According to The Jewish Communal Register of New York City 1917-1918, Second edition.
Edited and Published by the Kehillah (Jewish Community) of New York City:
Chevrah Anshei Mir U.V.,
147 East B'way.
Org. 1890
Membership 140.
Seating capacity 100.
Sick Benefit, Cemetery
Pres., Isaac Gorodaisky, 47 Henry St.
Sec'y. Sam Shafer, 354 Beekman Ave.
Gorodaisky, Isaac, Pres. Chevrah Anshei Mir U.V. (147 E. B'way) ;
elected 1917 Term 6 months.
Born 1873 in Russia.
Came to U. S. 1902.
Received general Jewish Education.
Res.: 47 Henry St.

147 East Broadway was at one time, the home of Beth Abraham Anshei Trestin,a Trzcianne, Poland, Talmud Torah Synagogue of Jerusalem 1915-16: Aaron Meinster, Rabbi and Chevrah Anshei Devin, Divin, Belarus?

Chevrah Anshei Mir was no longer fuctioning as of 1939, when it is listed as defunct in the WPA Survey of State and Local Historical Records (1939) Church Records Jewish - Synagogue

The building is currently (2014) occupied by Mesivtha Tifereth Jerusalem (Hebrew: מתיבתא תפארת ירושלים‎, Mesivta Tiferet Yerushalayim) is one of the oldest existent yeshivot in New York City

Updated December 2014


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