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Postowski family of Mir


Berko Postowski (standing) from Mir and unknown friend
Moshe (Postovski) Reuvini in Israel 1970

According to the Page of Testimony at Yad Vashem, provided by Berko's brother, Moshe Postovski/Reuvini, Berko was born in Mir in 1900. He had been a merchant before the war. During the war, he was in the nearby town of Nieswiez. He died in the Nieswiez Ghetto in 1942.

Moshe Postovski had also been in the Polish army. He escaped to Israel in 1939, where he changed his last name to Reuvini. His wife Mania Pozniak (1907-1941, daughter of Leib and Rivka) and their daughter Yona (1937-1941) perished in Mir. Moshe Reuvini worked in Israel on developing agriculture, was active in the Mir Landsmenschaft in Israel and wrote several sections in the Sefer Mir, Memorial book of Mir.

According to other Pages of Testimony provided by Moshe Reuvini, their mother was Rivka (1870-1941), the daughter of Yitzkhak and Sara. Their father was Reuven.

Some of Moshe's siblings included sisters Sara, wife of Yosef Karanovitz, and Dvora, wife of Shmuel Leib Danilevich. There was a brother Yosef, born in 1911 who had been a technician before the war. He died in Nieswiez in 1942.

Photos of her great uncles Berko and Moshe, plus some information about her great uncle Moshe has been provided by Gail Pastor Sara, who visited Moshe Reuvini in Israel in 1970 and 1972.

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