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Photographs of an Eastern European town that was Mir, Belarus (53 °27'/26 °28', about 88 km southwest of the city of Minsk), a History of the Jews of Mir, a list of people searching for families from Mir . There is information on Businesses in Mir (1929), photos from Mir in the last decade (Mir Now, Recent Photos), and much more. See SITE MAP.


Family trees for:

CIECHANOWICZ, NAIMAN, LAVSKI, GORZALCZANY and GRUDZIENSKI from the Lomza region of northeast Poland.

LIFSHITZ, SAMBURSKY, ZOLOTOROFE and SUPANITZKE families from towns east of Kiev, near Priluki, in the Ukraine.

JACOBSON and BECKER families from Mir, Belarus

Mystery Photographs

Nesvizh photo a 19th century photograph taken of a woman in the town of Nesvizh (Neswish, Russia) in what is now Belarus. Theories about who she might be. Information about the photographer.

Woman with necklace an old professional photo. All the lettering is in Russian. Thanks to friends and relatives on the internet, we have learned the date and place.

Cemetery Photograph of a cemetery and close up of a headstone. Inscription on the stone has been translated and it belongs to Rabbi Moshe son of Rabbi Ya'akov Soleviechick.

Life's Story Justice 2010 - Amos 5:24
Recent Calligraphy Hebrew-English Calligraphy

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town of Mir, Belarus