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Yad Vashem lists:
People with some connection to Mir

Frank Proschan found 3830 names in the Yad Vashem database of people with an association to Mir. They may have been born in Mir, lived in Mir before the war, lived in Mir during the war, died in Mir or had some other mention of the town of Mir in records.

In January 2008, Frank created a chart from repeated searches of the Yad Vashem web site and, in addition, a cross-check of all family names in the Ellis Island lists against the Yad Vashem database. The chart includes first and last name, town, district, region, country, date of birth and source of the record. If you would like a copy of the Excel file, please contact me and I will e-mail it to you. Ask for MirYadVashem.xls. (The file size is 528 KB)

Frank notes that, at the time of compilation (1 January 2008), a number of searches for certain family names turned up records that display only a given name, with no family name or the note "proof-reading" displayed instead of a family name; such records are evidently still being corrected by Yad Vashem. If these records are updated, his list will be corrected.

Zvi Bernhardt, Yad Vashem's Deputy Director of Reference and Information Services and Head of Data Processing in the Hall of Names provided another file of 4807 names of people with a connection to Mir. The names come from many sources, some of which are not yet available by an on-line search. I can e-mail a copy of this Excel file. Please ask for Mir 2007YadVashem.xls. (File size 784 KB)

To see an alphabetical lists of 977 people born in Mir that I have extracted from the Pages of Testimony at Yad Vashem in 2007, click on the letters below:

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June 2008


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