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Towns near Mir

All towns within 15 miles of  Mir and a few cities less than 60 miles from Mir

Distance/Direction from Mir
Mir 53:27'N 26:28'E 0.0 miles Population 5401 (Jews 3319) in 1897-8
Vel'ke Slo, Velikoye Selo 53:26'N 26:30'E 1.8 miles SE  
Oyutsevichi 53:25'N 26:27'E 2.4 miles SSW  
Priluki 53:30'N 26:28'E 3.5 miles N  
Simokovo, Simakovo 53:24'N 26:29'E 3.5 miles S  
Pesochno 53:29'N 26:24'E 3.6 miles NW  
Radun' 53:27'N 26:22'E 4.1 miles W  
Troschitsa 53:29'N 26:23'E 4.1 miles NW  
Yezërske, Ozërsko 53:25'N 26:33'E 4.1 miles SE  
Gradki 53:29'N 26:34'E 4.7 miles ENE  
Usha 53:28'N 26:21'E 4.9 miles WNW  
Podlese 53:23'N 26:32'E 5.4 miles SSE  
Ostrovki 53:30'N 26:22'E 5.4 miles NW  
Kozhevo 53:27'N 26:20'E 5.5 miles W  
Zaluzh'ye, Zaluzhe 53:26'N 26:36'E 5.6 miles ESE  
Zagur'ye 53:30'N 26:21'E 5.9 miles NW  
Ts'virki 53:29'N 26:36'E 5.9 miles ENE  
Tseribostyn' 53:29'N 26:20'E 5.9 miles WNW  
Prostsi 53:22'N 26:25'E 6.1 miles SSW  
Malosel'tse 53:31'N 26:22'E 6.2 miles NW  
Skorychi, Skorichi 53:32'N 26:24'E 6.4 miles NNW  
Zuchowicze, Bol'shiye Zhukhovichi 53:25'N 26:19'E 6.6 miles WSW  
Slobudka, Slobodka 53:31'N 26:35'E 6.6 miles NE  
Osipovshchyzna 53:23'N 26:35'E 6.7 miles SE  
Yablonovshchina 53:21'N 26:27'E 6.9 miles S  
Ostrovki 53:21'N 26:27'E 6.9 miles S  
Vorotyshche, Vorotishche 53:22'N 26:34'E 7.1 miles SE  
Bol'shaya Nedzvyatka, Bol'shaya Medvyadka 53:22'N 26:22'E 7.1 miles SW  
Yanchitsy 53:21'N 26:25'E 7.2 miles SSW  
Novoye Selo, Nova Bes' 53:21'N 26:32'E 7.4 miles SSE  
Zhukovy Borek 53:32'N 26:35'E 7.5 miles NE  
Kryzhelovshchina, Kryshilovshchina 53:27'N 26:17'E 7.5 miles W  
Peretoki 53:28'N 26:39'E 7.6 miles E  
Tuzhets, Turzec, Turets 53:31'N 26:19'E 7.7 miles NW Population 1616 (Jews 737) in 1897-8 Yizkor book - Web page
Kruglitsa 53:31'N 26:37'E 7.7 miles NE  
Malyye Zhukovichi, Malyye Zhukhovichi 53:23'N 26:19'E 7.7 miles SW  
Makashi 53:21'N 26:23'E 7.7 miles SSW  
Obryn' Malyy 53:33'N 26:22'E 8.0 miles NNW  
Staryy Sverzhen', Stary Swierzen, Stary Sverzhen' 53:27'N 26:40'E 8.2 miles E  
Gorki 53:23'N 26:38'E 8.3 miles SE  
Savoni, Savone 53:24'N 26:39'E 8.3 miles ESE  
Berezhno 53:34'N 26:31'E 8.3 miles NNE  
Baratsin 53:21'N 26:21'E 8.4 miles SW  
Khlyupichi, Khlupichi 53:22'N 26:19'E 8.4 miles SW  
Obryn' 53:33'N 26:20'E 8.8 miles NW  
Lykovichi 53:31'N 26:17'E 8.8 miles WNW  
Obryn' Velikiy 53:34'N 26:22'E 9.0 miles NNW  
Luki 53:29'N 26:15'E 9.2 miles WNW  
Lysitsa Vel'ke, Bol'shaya Lysitsa 53:19'N 26:28'E 9.2 miles S  
Lapki 53:33'N 26:37'E 9.3 miles NE  
Iszkodz, Ishkoldz', Ishkol'd 53:20'N 26:21'E 9.4 miles SSW  
Yurevichi 53:23'N 26:16'E 9.4 miles WSW  
Nechniche-Rofalovo 53:24'N 26:15'E 9.6 miles WSW  
Horodziej, Gorodzey, Gorodeya, Gorodey 53:19'N 26:32'E 9.6 miles SSE Population 754 (Jews 688) in 1897-8 web page
Dolmatovshchina 53:26'N 26:14'E 9.7 miles W  
Yeremichi, Jeremicze 53:34'N 26:20'E 9.7 miles NW Yizkor book with Tuzhets
Atalez, Atales, Antalezy 53:34'N 26:36'E 9.7 miles NE  
Goloven'chytse, Golovënchitsy 53:25'N 26:42'E 9.9 miles ESE  
Opechki 53:32'N 26:40'E 10.0 miles NE  
Petkevichi, Petkeviche 53:19'N 26:22'E 10.1 miles SSW  
Bykovichi 53:34'N 26:19'E 10.1 miles NW  
Zayamnoye, Zayamno 53:30'N 26:42'E 10.2 miles ENE  
Ripichi 53:21'N 26:17'E 10.2 miles SW  
Kopts'ovshchyzna 53:18'N 26:28'E 10.4 miles S  
Sinyavskaya Sloboda, Sinyavskaya, Sinyavska, Siniawska Sloboda 53:35'N 26:21'E 10.4 miles NNW  
Nova Lysitsa 53:18'N 26:26'E 10.4 miles S  
Studzenki 53:18'N 26:30'E 10.4 miles S  
Nekrashevichi 53:30'N 26:13'E 10.8 miles WNW  
Swierzen Nowy, Novyy Sverzhen', Novy S'verzhen' 53:27'N 26:44'E 11.0 miles E  
Mala-Uzhanka 53:18'N 26:34'E 11.1 miles SSE  
Velikaya Sloboda, Bol'shaya Sloboda 53:33'N 26:15'E 11.3 miles NW  
Poloneczka, Polonechka 53:21'N 26:15'E 11.3 miles SW  
Uzhanka-Vel'ka 53:18'N 26:35'E 11.4 miles SSE  
Uzhanka 53:18'N 26:35'E 11.4 miles SSE  
Pogaralka 53:35'N 26:18'E 11.5 miles NW  
Govezna 53:21'N 26:42'E 11.8 miles SE  
Stowbtsy, Stolpze, Stolptsy, Stolptse, Stolpce, Stolbtsy 53:29'N 26:45'E 11.9 miles ENE Web site (1)
Stsetski 53:31'N 26:44'E 11.9 miles ENE  
Zadz'veya, Zadveya 53:19'N 26:17'E 11.9 miles SW  
Antonovo 53:37'N 26:22'E 12.2 miles NNW  
Novoye Selo 53:35'N 26:16'E 12.3 miles NW  
Petukhovshchyzna 53:19'N 26:40'E 12.4 miles SE  
Ostashyn, Ostashin 53:28'N 26:10'E 12.4 miles W  
Zazheche 53:21'N 26:43'E 12.4 miles SE  
Okanovichi 53:25'N 26:10'E 12.6 miles W  
Rodkeviche 53:17'N 26:20'E 12.8 miles SSW  
Zadvor'ye 53:30'N 26:46'E 12.8 miles ENE  
Vysadovichi 53:22'N 26:11'E 13.0 miles WSW  
Krenty Bzheg 53:16'N 26:33'E 13.1 miles SSE  
Lubanichi 53:29'N 26:09'E 13.2 miles W  
Staryye Novosëlki, Stare Novosyulki 53:18'N 26:40'E 13.2 miles SE  
Rugaytse 53:37'N 26:38'E 13.4 miles NNE  
Knotovshchyzna, Knotovshchina 53:24'N 26:47'E 13.5 miles ESE  
Tsyryn, Tsirin, Cyryn 53:24'N 26:09'E 13.5 miles WSW  
Yachnoye, Yachno, Yachnaya, Jaczno 53:33'N 26:45'E 13.5 miles ENE  
Kayshovki, Kayshovka 53:28'N 26:08'E 13.8 miles W  
Savichi, Saviche 53:17'N 26:17'E 13.8 miles SSW  
Stazhyna, Starina 53:38'N 26:36'E 13.8 miles NNE  
Sloboda 53:31'N 26:47'E 13.8 miles ENE  
Bobonevki 53:25'N 26:08'E 13.9 miles W  
Vel'ka Lipa 53:15'N 26:31'E 14.0 miles S  
Servech 53:30'N 26:08'E 14.1 miles WNW  
Wolna, Vol'na 53:18'N 26:14'E 14.1 miles SW  
Shashkovshchyzna, Shashkovshchina 53:37'N 26:40'E 14.1 miles NE  
Dudki 53:37'N 26:40'E 14.1 miles NE  
Negertovo 53:24'N 26:48'E 14.1 miles ESE  
Yachonka, Yachenka 53:34'N 26:45'E 14.2 miles NE  
Shtykhovshchyzna 53:17'N 26:40'E 14.2 miles SE  
Brynichevo 53:39'N 26:33'E 14.2 miles NNE  
Khvoyevo 53:15'N 26:23'E 14.2 miles SSW  
Zavita Vtoraya 53:16'N 26:38'E 14.4 miles SSE  
Suprosna Sloboda, Suporosnaya 53:39'N 26:34'E 14.4 miles NNE  
Kvachi, Kvache 53:15'N 26:34'E 14.4 miles SSE  
Zastodol'ye 53:26'N 26:07'E 14.4 miles W  
Podgayna 53:23'N 26:08'E 14.5 miles WSW  
Ortsyukhy 53:29'N 26:49'E 14.6 miles E  
Rudashi 53:20'N 26:10'E 14.7 miles WSW  
Zhigalki 53:20'N 26:46'E 14.7 miles ESE  
Krasnoye Selo 53:35'N 26:11'E 14.8 miles NW  
Pogorel'tsy, Pogorele, Pogerele 53:22'N 26:48'E 14.9 miles ESE  
Vysoka Lipa, Lipa 53:14'N 26:28'E 15.0 miles S  
Nieswiez, Nesvizh, Nes'vezh, Nyasvizh 53°13’N 26°40’E 18.1 miles SSE web site    Yizkor book 
Nowogródek, Novogrudok, Novogrudek, Novogroudok, Navahrudak 53°36’N 25°50’E 28.0 miles WNW web site  Yizkor book translation
Baranowitschi, Baranowicze, Baranovichi, Baranoviche, Baranavichy 53°08’N 26°02’E 28.2 miles SW webpage, Yizkor book translation
Navahrudak, Novogroudok, Novogrudek, Novogrudok, Nowogródek 53°36' N 25°49' E 28.3 miles WNW web site, Yizkor book translation
Lachowicze, Lyakhovichi, Lyakhoviche, Lyakhavichy 53°02' 26°16 29.7 miles SSW web site
Slutsk, Sluzk 53°02' 27°34' 53.9 miles ESE web site  Yizkor book
Minsk, Myenyesk, Myensk 53°54' 27°34' 54.7 miles NE web page     Yizkor book

See a map containing most of these towns at MapQuest

Much of the information in the table above comes from a search using the JewishGen Communities Database and JewishGen Gazetteer developed by Michael Tobias at the JewishGen web site. Use this link to show the special characters that do not show up on this web page. The native names are in bold.


Population figures come from a table created by Vitaly Charny titled Jewish Population for Towns in Minsk Guberniya

(1) Swierzen (called Schverzhna by Jews) is directly across the Nieman River from Stolpce and it is included in the same Yizkor book. The web site contains some translations from the Yizkor book, photos and business directory.

Updated October 2022


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