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Avremel Weiner and His Family

Avremel was the youngest of eight children born to Beryl/Berko and Liba Weiner nee Kuznitzki in Mir on 3rd of March or 3rd of May 1909. 

Possible options of the name spelling were (Vainer/Vayner/Wainer/Wajner).

Asna, Avremel’s sister, emigrated to Australia with her husband Reuben Wolk before World War II. Avremel and two of his siblings, Max and Genia survived the Holocaust and came to Australia with their families. Four other siblings are believed to have perished: Yankiel, Yser, Rifka and Rosa.

Avremel’s family was involved in the poultry/butcher business. A family story is that Berko, Avremel’s father went to the United States to see how life was and to work with his brothers (Uri and Yakob) to see if he could move his own family to the United States, but he came back to Mir.

Avremel went to cheder in Mir,  with Rabbi Abaronok who would go on to become Rabbi Emeritus of the Mizrachi in Melbourne and he maintained a friendship with him in Australia.

Avremel was a farmer, but not much is known about his life before World War 2.

Avremel is thought to have survived the massacres in the Mir ghetto with his brother Max and either escaped or was then transported to the Nowogrodek ghetto from which he escaped. He then joined the Bielski brothers and was a partisan in the Naliboki forest (Puscha) between approximately 1941 and 1944. Avremel met Reisl, his future wife, in the forest.

Avremel Weiner, his wife Reisl, and friends in the Neu Freiman DP camp in Munich

Avremel Weiner, his wife Reisl and their son who was born in Munich in 1946

All information and photos proved by Karen Fink, granddaughter of Avremel Weiner.

Uploaded July 2021


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