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Solovachik and Resnick family from Mir


Yankel Solovachik.
Yankef Solovachik from Mir, the son of Judah Sorch & Bryna (from Mir)
and the father of Morris Soloway.
Photo taken about 1900 in Mir.

Chaya SR Solovachik
Chaya Soreh Reznick Solovachik,
the wife of Yankef Solovachick and mother of Morris Soloway.
Photo taken about 1900 in Mir.
Morris Soloway
Morris Soloway/Mayshe Solovachik was born in Mir, the son of Yankef Solovachik,and Chaya–Soreh Resnick. Photo taken in London around 1895.
Katie Soloway
Gitel/Katie Soloway, mother of George Soloway
Morris& Katie Soloway
Morris & Katie Soloway (aka Gitel Faitelewich Solovachik and Mayashe Solovachik), parents of George Soloway.
Photo taken in Brooklyn in early 1930s.

George & Ann Soloway
1929 Wedding photo of George and Ann Wachtel Soloway (Brooklyn NY.)
George is son of Morris Solovachick and Gitel/Katie

George Soloway age 13
George Soloway Bar Mitzvah photo. Brooklyn March 1915
George is the son of Morris Solovachick and Gitel/Katie. The family lived in Baronovich/Polish:Baranowicze

George Soloway

George Soloway as a young Physician

Blume Faitelevich the daughter of Yechael Rabinowitz from Bialystok and the wife of Gershon Faitelevich

See Solovachik Family trees
and Solovachik Family history for more information on the Solovachick/Soloway family.

Henry Soloway sent these family photos, which were scanned with the assistance of Craig Shanklin

Updated January 2007


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