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Welcome to the starship-design mailing list!

This mailing list is for anyone interested in the practical
realities of interstellar travel.  It is an outgrowth of David
Levine's Lunar Institute of Technology web site, particularly the
College of Starship Design section.  The original forum hosted at
that web site centered around the development of a hypothetical
manned mission to the Tau Ceti star system by the year 2050.  The
College of Starship Design web page created by David Levine and
currently maintained by Kelly Starks is at:

Another site maintained by list member Kevin Houston is at:

Although clearly there is much speculation involved in the
development of future technology, this mailing list is
practically oriented and proposals should be justifiable using
presently-known engineering techniques and scientific knowledge.
Proposals involving highly speculative topics such as FTL
(faster-than-light) propulsion or novel energy generation
techniques will be treated quite skeptically by list members.

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Archives of this list organized by month of posting are at:

Before there was starship-design . . .

Timothy van der Linden maintains an archive of some very early material that was posted in David Levine's web site at

I also saved many of the messages that I received as part of the informal mailing list that preceded this one. You can view these messages in threaded order, chronological order, or a file of all the messages.

starship-design web pages

The current Lunar Institute of Technology web pages are at

List member Rex Finke has written a paper "Starflight Mechanics Notes" summarizing and collecting many of the major physics and engineering discussions from the list archives. This paper is available as a Microsoft Word document or as a Postscript file.

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