Recent papers of Sergey Yuzvinsky:
On rational $K[\pi,1]$ spaces and Koszul algebras (with S. Papadima), JPAA 144(1999), 157-167 dvi-file ps-file
Small rational model of subspace complement, Transactions of AMS 354 (2002), 1921-1945 dvi-file ps-file
Cohomology of the Orlik-Solomon algebras and local systems (with A.Libgober), Compositio Math., 121 (2000), 337-361. dvi-file ps-file
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Taylor and minimal resolutions of homogeneous polynomial ideals, Math. Research Letters 6 (1999), 779-793. dvi-file ps-file
Hyperplane Arrangement Cohomology and Monomials in the Exterior Algebra (with D.Eisenbud and S.Popescu), TAMS (2003) dvi-file ps-file
Annihilators of ideals of exterior algebras (with G.~Denham), Advances in Appl. Math. 28 (2002)
dvi-file ps-file
Orlik-Solomon algebras in algebra and topology, Uspehi Mat. Nauk 56 (2001), 87-166 and Russian Math. Surveys 56 (2001), dvi-file ps-file
Algebraic aspects of the theory of product structures in complex cobordism (with B.Botvinnik, V.Buchstaber, and S.Novikov), Russian Math. Surveys 55(2000), 5-24. ps-file
Topological robotics: subspace arrangements and collision free motion planning (with M.Farber), to appear in Novikov's volume of Topology. ps-file
Topological robotics: Motion planning in projective spaces (with M.Farber and S.Tabachnikov), IMRN, 34(2003), 1853-1870. ps-file
Chow rings of toric varieties defined by atomic lattices (with E.Feichtner), Inventiones Math, (2003). ps-file
Realization of finite Abelian groups by nets in $\PP^2$, Compositio Mathematica, (2003). ps-file
Formality of the complements of subspace arrangements with geometric lattices, AT/050432 (with E.Feichtner) pdf-file
Derivations of an effective divisor on the complex projective line, AG/0507323 (with M.Wakefield) ps-file
Topological complexity of generic hyperplane arrangement ps-file
Completely reducible fibers of hypersurface pencils pdf-file