Syllabus: Spring 2001

Last Updated: 04/01/01 11:16 PM

LA  408/508 Intermediate CAD Workshop

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Week1: Review

Network environment basics

Student Folder / Access Issues

Grayson Lab

Hours of operation

Use of AutoCAD from workstations

Connections to DCL

Basic CAC concepts

Draw it full size

Draw it once

Document Organization

Model in “Model Space”, present in “Paper Space”

Simple layouts in Paper Space

Advanced Objects and Editing

Associative Dimensioning

Printing & Plotting

Review Exercise #1

Week 2: Advanced Object Creation & Editing

Common Contour tools




Information tools







Nested Blocks

Redefining previously inserted blocks

Week 3: Working with Land Data

Session 1: Exercise 1 due.

Importing GIS data into AutoCAD

Working with GIS data

Supported formats

Conversion of data

Working with Raster Images
Printing constraints

Session 2: Assign Exercise 2

Week 4: Using CAD data

External references revisited
Database integration
Object Linking and embedding
Working with Viewports
Using standard Layouts
Working in Teams
Details from previous models

Session 2:  

Week 5:  Utility Tools and Interface Customization

Session 1: Exercise 2 due.

Utility Tools
Drawing Properties
Geometric Calculator
Managing Named Objects
Recovery tools
Exporting Data
Object Linking and Embedding
Interface Customization

Command Line Aliases (PGP file)

Creating Toolbars

Creating Menu Files

Creating Macros

Creating Button Images

Session 2: Exercise 5...

Week 6: Plotting

Session 1: Exercise 5 due.

Review of plotting basics

Assigning lineweights

Controlling grayscale of lines

With pen file

With “dithering” feature

Scaling drawings

Creating Views to control printout

Plotting to large format plotters

Controlling 3D printout

Making Compelling Drawings with CAD software

Session 2: Exercise 6...

Week 7: Internet Presentation

Session 1: Exercise 3 due.

Referencing data from the Internet

Exporting to other software

Posting data to the Internet

Internet file types: DWF

Drawing hyperlinks

Session 2:  

Week 8: 3-D Modeling

Session 1: Exercise 7 due.


Session 2: Exercise 8...

Week 9: CAD Rendering

Session 1: Exercise 4 due.


Session 2: None.

Week 10: Studio Reviews, no class

Week 11: Finals Week, Practical Exam, Portfolio Due