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Re: starship-design: This and that.

Steve VanDevender wrote:
> kyle writes:
>  [ quote of an entire large messsage snipped]
> I think it's really unnecessary to quote an entire long message when
> your reply is so short.
>  > Here's a web page:
>  >
>  > http://mist.npl.washington.edu/AV/altvw75.html
> Already read it, after it was mentioned by Ken Wharton.  Besides not
> being a cut-and-dried experiment, it also indicates that _if_ it can be
> scaled up to produce FTL communication, it will need a physical "pipe"
> of waveguides and amplifiers to work at all.  Perhaps useful for doing
> land-based FTL communication (again, _if_ it works when scaled up!) but
> by no means a starship drive.  It will be interesting to see what comes
> of it.

Imagine how useful this could be to the computer industry! FTL
processing systems, perhaps? Talk about the next generation pentium.

Kyle Mcallister