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2002 Mir Castle Restoration and Festival

The photos shown below were taken by Jolanta Wilkonska, who sent them to this web site. Jolanta's great-grandfather was Prince Nikolai Ivanovitch Sviatopolk-Mirski. Her great uncle, Prince Mikhail N. Swiatopolk-Mirski, owned Mir castle until 1939. She has more information about the castle on a World Heritage web page, including the paragraph below:

"In 1895 Mir Castle became the property of my family, the Princes Swiatopolk-Mirski, and remained in our family’s ownership until the outbreak of WW II in 1939. I first became aware of the existence of the castle thanks to the photographs which hung on the wall of our house among the family photographs, but more especially so because my mother Princess Kira Ivanowna stayed with my great-uncle Prince Mikhail N. Swiatopolk-Mirski, who was the owner of the estate. My maternal grandfather also lived there."
Jolanta attended the festival for the restoration of Mir Castle. Her photos were first exhibited in Jelenia Gora, Poland and later presented at an exhibition in Mir Castle in 2005, at the invitation of the Belarus Embassy in Warsaw, in conjunction with the National Art Museum of Belarus.

.castle at festival

Translation: Ancestral castle in Mir of the Swiatopolk-Mirski Princes until 1939 - in the former Polish eastern borderlands, and now - a branch of the National Museum of Fine Arts in Minsk, Belarus and under patronage of UNESCO.


The celebration

Restored roof feature

Restoration progress

Outside walkway- balcony

Old stones set in brick wall

Castle Tower

light show
Light show at castle celebration

View of Mir Castle from bridge


© 3. IX. 02 – 530/02-7 - photo by Jolanta Wilkońska
"The Duke Światopołk- Mirski, the last sovereign of the Castle, desired to have a lake, and it came into being.
It was big and deep – in the place of a cut-down apple orchard."


Jolanta's great grandparents  

Princess Cleopatra Mikhaylovna Svyatopolk-Mirskaya





Prince Nikolai Ivanovich Svyatopolk-Mirsky 
(1833–1898) photo 1877

Photographer Jolanta Wilkonska
whose grandfather was
Prince Ivan Sviatopolk-Mirski, a
younger brother of Prince Mikhail, the last owner of Mir Castle

Translation: Author of the exhibition,
Jolanta Wilkonska from Warsaw,
daughter of Princess Kira Swiatopolk-Mirska



Jolanta Wilkonska has a Facebook page with all the photos from the exhibit with an English translation of the captions.

April 2011



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