Crossed products of C*-algebras by finite groups (Shanghai, July 2016)

This is the home page for N. C. Phillips' short course "Crossed products of C*-algebras by finite groups" at East China Normal University, Shanghai, 11--29 July 2016.

This course will be on crossed products of C*-algebras by actions of finite groups, with emphasis on the structure of the crossed product when the original algebra is simple and when the action satisfies sufficiently strong freeness conditions (such as the Rokhlin property or the tracial Rokhlin property). Some elementary knowledge of C*-algebras will be assumed, but group actions and crossed products will be defined and treated from scratch. The basics of crossed products by finite groups are particularly elementary, and provide an easy introduction to more general crossed products. To show how the theory fits together, I will sometimes mention what happens in more general situations, but without giving details.

Here are pdf files of the lectures in Shanghai (so far not complete). Some misprint have been corrected; please let me know about any others that you find.

Here are pdf files of a printable version of the slides for a series of three lectures on a very similar topic at the Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Kyoto University, in December 2011:

My draft notes on crossed product C*-algebras and minimal dynamics have a general discussion of crossed products by discrete groups, and several sections devoted to crossed products by actions of finite groups with the Rokhlin property or the tracial Rokhlin property. These notes are still very incomplete.

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