Learning Checks:
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A&A Ch. 1&2 Questions

A&A Ch. 1&2 Answers

To Know for Quiz #1
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A&A Ch. 3 Questions Correlation, Prediction, Regression

A&A Ch. 3 Answers

Review & Integration Learning Check, Chs. 1-3

A&A Ch. 4 Normal Curve, Probability, Population vs. Sample

To Know for Quiz #2
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A&A Chs. 5/6 Material, Learning Checks:
Sampling Distributions
Hypothesis Testing

A&A Ch. 7 Material, Learning Checks:
Kinds of Errors
Power, Effect Size

A&A Chs. 8/9 Material, Learning Checks:
Estimated Variance and t

To Know for Quiz #3

A&A Ch. 10 Material, Learning Checks:
more ANOVA

To Know for Quiz #4

A&A Ch. 11 Material, Learning Checks:

Answers, Practice QQ for FINAL
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