Learning Check, Error stuff

1. The standard error (SE) refers to: _________.

2. Rejecting the null hypothesis when in fact it is true is a(n) __________.

3. p < .05 means that there is less than a 5% chance of making a(n) __________.

4. Effect Size = (Population 1 M - Population 2 M) / __________.

5. A Type II error occurs when ___________.

Answers below

Learning Check, Error Stuff, answers

1. Standard deviation of the distribution of means [or whatever statistic you are testing--we will generalize in future chapters]

2. Type I error

3. Type I error

4. Population SD (sigma) [Don't use the SE here!]

5. You fail to reject the null hypothesis even when it is false [a false negative result, like failing to detect an actual tumor].