Know for Quiz #2 on A&A chapters 3&4:

Ch. 3:

1. Know the terminology of independent & dependent, predictor & criterion variables, and which one goes with X, which with Y.

2. Know how to construct a scatterplot, and what variable goes on which axis.

3. Know the formulas for correlation and for prediction using Z scores.

4. Know how to get the proportion of variance accounted for, if you have the correlation coefficient.

5. Know what multiple regression refers to (don't need to know the formula).

6. Know that although causal relationships can result in correlations, a correlation doesn't prove anything about causation (correlation might result from a causal relationship between X & Y, or it might not--there are lots of possibilities, as mentioned in lecture).

Ch. 4:

7. Know the approximate percentage of area under the curve for a normal curve for the areas shown in Figure 4-2 on p. 77.

8. Know the difference between a sample and a population, a parameter and a statistic.

NOTE: You will NOT have to know how to look things up in the normal curve table for this quiz (that was tested on the homework).

Knapp 4 & 5: This material (especially Ch. 5) will be tested on the midterm, not on Quiz#2, to give it more time to sink in!