Challenge Form

Group code _______

Name (s) _________________________________________________________

Challenge for Individual quiz ____ Group quiz ____

Date challenge submitted [should be within a week of quiz] _______________

NOTE: Okay for people to collaborate on a challenge, either because you are challenging something on the group quiz or because you are together challenging the SAME question on the individual quiz. Please fill out a separate challenge for each question you are challenging. If challenge is accepted, people who made the challenge will get credit for the question. Those who did not challenge will not get credit.... unless the challenges indicate to us that we simply made a mistake on the answer key, and keyed the wrong question as "correct."

Quiz # ____ Question challenged ____

Answer you chose _____ (Note: If you are challenging a written question, attach group quiz so we can see your answer).

Argument: Explain why the answer you chose is AT LEAST as good as the answer that we say is the best. Use book and lecture notes as evidence to convince us.


For use by Holly, Dave or David only

Decision: Yes ____ No ____

Comments: ________________________________________________________