Learning Check, Power, Effect Size, Error

1. Power is affected by sample size, effect size, whether a one- or two-tailed test is used, and _________.

2. Increasing sample size ________ power.

3. Using the .01 level of significance instead of .05 decreases the chance of making a(n) __________. It also decreases the _______ of a study.

4. If the research hypothesis is true, but the study testing it has a low level of power,

a. a significant result is highly probable.
b. the probability of obtaining a significant result is low.
c. the null hypothesis will almost certainly be rejected.
d. beta is necessarily low.

Answers below

Answers, LCheck Power/Effect Size/Error

1. alpha, significance level
[standard deviation of population also correct]

2. increases

3. Type I error; power

4. b