AgendaUO Senate 1999-2000

Wednesday 10 May 2000 177 Lawrence 1500-1700

  1. (1500) Call to order
  2. (1505) Approval of the minutes of the previous meeting
  3. (1510) State of the University
    1. (1510) Brief report by Senate President Gilkey
    2. (1515) Brief report by Vice President Duncan McDonald on the WRC
    3. (1525) Other Communications from the floor
  4. (1530) Old Business
    1. (1530) Motion US9900-11 to update the legislation regarding the Distinguished Service Award (see also in revised form US9900-11A) - to be presented by Peter B Gilkey (for the DSA)
    2. (1535) Motion from the DSA committee concerning recipients of the Distinguished Service Award. (The senate will meet in executive session) to be presented by Peter B Gilkey (for the DSA)
  5. (1535) New Business
    1. (1540) Conferral of Degrees (Motion from Jim Earl Chair Academic Requirements)
    2. (1545) Report by Jim Imamura (chair of the Committee on Committees) giving the recommendations of the COC membership of faculty committees for 2000/2001.
    3. (1550) Confirmation of members of the Committee on Committees for 2000/2001 -see proposed list
    4. (1600) Motion to approve the spring 2000 preliminary report of the University Committee on Courses (effective fall unless stated otherwises). Changes in this report will first appear in the 2001-2002 University of Oregon Catalogue. Presented by Committee Chair Paul Engleking engelki@OREGON.UOREGON.EDU
    5. (1620) US9900-15 Motion from the Senate Ad Hoc Committee on Committee Structures see also interim report. Presented by Committee Chair Nathan Tublitz
      1. US9900-15a Basic principles underlying University wide committees, advisory groups, and boards.
      2. US9900-15b Revised University Wide Committee Stucture
      3. US9900-15c Revisions to Senate Bylaws
    6. (1640) US9900-17 Motion from N.C.Phillips re Undergraduates enrolling in Graduate Courses. Withdrawn without prejudice - will not be considered by the Senate at the 10 May meeting.
    7. (1650) Discussion of GTFF & UO relations. (See withdrawn Resolution US9900-16 and related  Memo from M. Grier). Senator Grzybowski will ask the UO Senate to suspend the rules to permit Paul Prew (GTFF President) to make a brief report to the Senate.
  6. 1700 Adjourn

The deadline for submitting new agenda items for this meeting of the Senate has passed. If the senate does not complete its business at the 10 May meeting of the Senate, a special meeting the 17 May will be scheduled.

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Senate Secretary Gwen Steigelman email:
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