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Re: starship-design: Infrastructure in space [was: FTL travel...]

> But, have you thought of the difficulties of making a big sphere in
> space?

Funny, but I hadn't considered a sphere . . . the description I'd read of this thing
had it in a cylindrical habitat . . . the sphere would actually be easier, I think.

> Just think of the radius it'd need, once you can do it, though,
> you'll make MONEY!!!
> But something even better than simple 0g would be near 0g(even lees than
> the moon), where you can strap on some wings, and do flapped flight...

I would scarcely consider doing it as zero gee, myself; I think that would be too
disorienting for most folks -- you need to give short-term visitors at least a little
up and down. Luna would probably work great, and the facility might be easier yet to
construct; bulldoze a flat space and inflate a dome on it. You could spray cement on
for shielding, and you'd have the raw material right there. But what if we got up and
found a big cave on the moon? I think to do this right you'd want maybe a
quarter-mile diameter enclosure minimum.

Luna would be better, too, in it giving a more realistic flying experience. In zero
gee, you can't really fly, like a bird, you sort of swim in the air like a fish.
Given the choice, I'd rather have wings.

> i
> can already see the millionaires' kids stay all year long there, flying
> and learning new trix instead of going to college 8)

while the rest of us learn to build and fly real ships!

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