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Re: starship-design: Infrastructure in space [was: FTL travel...]

Curtis Manges wrote:
> Two things here . . .
> First, about tourism, of a specific type, namely human powered (self-powered)
> flight in zero or low gee. To me, just going up into orbit or to an orbiting
> station wouldn't really hold that much drawing power; there's a lot of
> inconvenience with peculiar plumbing, etc, and to just sit around (or float
> around) and look out the windows wouldn't be worth it -- it's a _passive_
> experience, like watching TV. But to fly like a bird -- I've had dreams of
> flying, and of all the dreams I've ever had, I recall all of my flying dreams
> and forgot most of the rest. I think most people have had such dreams. If it
> were possible, if this experience were actually available, I would cheerfully
> spend every cent I could scrape together to go and do it, and I'm sure I'd have
> to get in a _long_ line for my turn.
> So maybe what we need is a really great sales pitch, spread on the internet,
> with glitzy special-effects simulations and such. Sell chances to fly like a
> bird. Has anyone thought of trying this?
Well, i think that ur right about one thing: you need not to only
propose a passive adventure, you need to make the traveller active...
Again, the idea of publicity is a great one(and not too hard/costly to
do either)
But, have you thought of the difficulties of making a big sphere in
space? Just think of the radius it'd need, once you can do it, though,
you'll make MONEY!!!
But something even better than simple 0g would be near 0g(even lees than
the moon), where you can strap on some wings, and do flapped flight... i
can already see the millionaires' kids stay all year long there, flying
and learning new trix instead of going to college 8)
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