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[Fwd: starship-design: Infrastructure in space [was: FTL travel...]]

Curtis Manges wrote:

> "L. Parker" wrote:
> >
> > As for why the launch companies shy away from mentioning tourism, I couldn't
> > tell you. This is a simple statement made by one of the executives for one
> > of the companies and he provided no explanations.
> I thought of one -- a big one -- lawsuits. The folks who can afford this are
> going to have lawyers, and the first time one of them gets space sickness and
> blows lunch, he'll probably try to become the new owner of the whole shebang.
> Very sad, and very chilling to investors. There would have to be some sort of
> ironclad way to keep this from happening. Maybe the commercial airlines could
> provide a clue . . .
> I could also see a possibility of something that would put off potential
> customers -- a very thick pamphlet full of "thou shalt not's" that they have to
> agree to before boarding ("Rule 214.17.12b: Mention of the word "lawsuit" in
> connection with this service will result in your being converted to reaction
> mass at the Captain's earliest convenience.")
> > Now for the large open areas in space. This is not really so hard. If we
> > accept that we will need to mine asteroids for materials, it actually gets
> > rather easy, just hollow one out and move it! It doesn't have to be
> > spherical necessarily, just large and open. The hard part will be convincing
> > the meek to let us move a large asteroid into Earth orbit....
> >
> > Lee