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RE: starship-design: Infrastructure in space [was: FTL travel...]

pk wrote:
> Curtis Manges wrote:
> > Two things here . . .
> >

Well, the CSTS did cover the topic thoroughly, and I happen to believe there
is a large market for tourism in space, of many different kinds. The flying
idea works both in Earth orbit and on the Moon...where it might be even
better! Of course there are all kinds of possibilities for zero-g recreation
how about zero-g football? Or handball? Zero-g billiards? Endless

As for why the launch companies shy away from mentioning tourism, I couldn't
tell you. This is a simple statement made by one of the executives for one
of the companies and he provided no explanations.

Now for the large open areas in space. This is not really so hard. If we
accept that we will need to mine asteroids for materials, it actually gets
rather easy, just hollow one out and move it! It doesn't have to be
spherical necessarily, just large and open. The hard part will be convincing
the meek to let us move a large asteroid into Earth orbit....