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starship-design: Numbers needed for Colonization (starship-design)

Hello Lee,

You wrote to Kelly:

>My five year old cracked his school's internal network security while in
>kindergarten ... and has no problem running the various applications on his
>own computer. The type of work being performed may have changed but the
>method of performing it will change also. This is called "Paradigm Shift".

Let me assume your five year old is a son (merely to avoid to much s/he
Pitty you didn't tell how he cracked to security. Did he do it by accident
or was it a goal he had set himself to?
I wonder if five year old can solve the problems that people at a mostly
technical and possibly very dangerous frontier have to face. Merely being
able to follow options that do present themselves (ie. buttons on a window)
is not enough.


P.S. I may have downsized the abilities of your kid since I haven't seen
him in action, nor have you given me more clues to make my hypothesis.