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RE: starship-design: Numbers needed for Colonization (starship-design)


Actually I was just trying to illustrate the point that "children" are quite
comfortable supervising the operation of electronics. Since this is mostly
what will be required, even children will be valuable on the frontier. After
all, its not like we are sending them out with a horse and a mule...

As to how he did it, I can only guess. I _think_ that whomever instituted
the password system at the school violated a couple of standard rules and
assigned passwords according to some pattern. I know the username for log on
was simply a room number - the password was probably something stupid like
the teacher's name for that room. It really doesn't make any difference
though. The teachers at the school had not realized it was that easy to
break. It would have been easy for you or I to break - but now we are
comparing ourselves to a five year old.