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RE: RE: starship-design: Numbers needed for Colonization (was Antiproton-Cataly


You missed the operative word here. I said "frontier". Comparing it to "now
a days" is not the same thing. Even in a technologically oriented frontier
economy, children will be valuable. ANY six year old can run a computer
keyboard if necessary.

My five year old cracked his school's internal network security while in
kindergarten ... and has no problem running the various applications on his
own computer. The type of work being performed may have changed but the
method of performing it will change also. This is called "Paradigm Shift".


> Children were helpfull where you need a lot of unskilled
> labor.  Now a days
> that isn't a factor.  Now kids are a financial liability
> until they get well
> educated, at which point they move out and our no longer a
> factor for their
> parents economics.  I.E. kids are a expensive hobby.
> >Lee
> Kelly