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David wrote:
>Here's what I was thinking:
>I'd like to have LIT spread out among everyone
>who wants to "have" a piece of it.  There would
>be a central site, and a lot of "satellite" sites.
>The links back and forth would make it look
>seamless.  Each person would be able to
>maintain the part that is on their site.  Each
>part would be on a different subject.

One still would need a central homepage OR multiple ones. The latter would
be the only solution to be invulnerable to crashes. The homepage wouldn't
need to be updated after every little change, since everyone has his own
subsection in which the most changes would take place.
Personally I like this system of satellite sites, it may be a bit more work
for us all, but less for one person in particular. Besides that it gives
people a little bit more freedom.
Of course if we have one site that is maintained well, the need for
satellite sites would be less.