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Dave's great idea...

At 09:56 AM 7/25/96 -0400, David Levine wrote:
>>P.S. I've been thinking about something for the future of LIT that
>>all the various offers.  More on this tomorrow (or maybe later today)
>>as I
>>try to write down what I've been thinking about.
>Okay, okay, it's been longer than I said it would
>be (as usual).
>Here's what I was thinking:
>I'd like to have LIT spread out among everyone
>who wants to "have" a piece of it.  There would
>be a central site, and a lot of "satellite" sites.
>The links back and forth would make it look
>seamless.  Each person would be able to
>maintain the part that is on their site.  Each
>part would be on a different subject.  Spreading
>it out like this would also make a "disaster"
>(i.e. a crash or someone leaving, or whatever)
>cause much less damage to the whole... only
>to one part.
>In any case, I'm all for Steve's mailing list.

I love it!!!!!!!! Hopefully everyone else agrees.
I'll have to read the next 20 letters to find out,
but I think its a great idea! That way, not only
can people have a piece of the site, but they
can have a piece that they are interested in,
which means no one will sometime stop because
they got 2 bored. I guess there will be conflicts
in interest, and who hosts what page, but still
a great idea!